Friday, February 7, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: New Baby Edition

Good morning to you! And happy Friday! I don't know about you, but after an emotional week, I am definitely ready for the weekend and all the potential it holds. 

If we were meeting for coffee this morning (via Rags to Stitches link up), I would pull out a couple of my favorite mugs for us to enjoy our steaming cup o' joe in. Actually, for you to enjoy your coffee in. I have my glucose tolerance test at the OB/GYN this morning, which means no morning coffee for me today. Yikes. So, I would quickly chug that super sugary drink before sitting back and listening as YOU first shared about the latest happenings in your life. After being properly saturated with all things you, I would share the following about yours truly:

...That she's here! She's here! My absolutely beautiful niece, Addison, made her debut one day after her due date (and on her grandpa's birthday) and shocked us all by being a girl! My brother and sister-in-law did not know the sex of the baby, and both of them, as well as most of us family members, were certain the baby would be a boy. Nope! Enter beautiful, perfect, gorgeous Addison, with a head full of amazing dark hair and the sweetest little face you ever did see. And, to say my brother is totally head-over-heels with his new little lady is quite the understatement. Getting my daily photos of Addy has definitely been the highlight of my day, every day this week, and I cannot wait to snuggle my precious new niece in person and watch my brother and awesome sister-in-law dive into this adventure of parenthood. So. Cheers to precious Addison!

...That I've had a pretty tough time over the last week, for a few different reasons. Bleh. So, earlier this week, I decided to try and focus on little things that make me happy, to try to shift my perspective when it comes to my relationships with certain people, and to bring about my own happiness instead of relying on others for it. It's working, slowly but surely, I think. Well, that and the fact that my sweet hub has planned some special surprise excursion for me tomorrow morning to try and lift my spirits. Have I ever mentioned he's a keeper? 

...That I scored some major shopping finds last weekend, after finding out that my favorite Fort Mill maternity/baby boutique was going out of business. Although I am so sad the business is closing, I was pumped when I got word that the ENTIRE store would be 60% off. You can bet your bottom dollar I was there when the doors opened the next morning. I scored some adorable new TOMS and Livie & Luca shoes for Banks and Raleigh as well as several precious outfits for Raleigh and the new baby (they don't sell Banks' size). Then, I heard  a couple days later that they would even be selling their display furniture. So. Back I went! I picked up a few awesome decor items for Raleigh's big girl room (a vintage, white-wire dress form... swoon!!!) and for the nursery. Yippee!! This momma loves a good sale. 

...That Banks and I had the best time at the circus last Saturday! But also? The circus is looooong! We went with one of my girlfriends and her daughter and we ended up leaving shortly after intermission (after being there for well over two hours!). We had a blast, though, and were able to make it home just in time for me to freshen up, for my hub to walk in the door from his week-trip to Dallas, and for my hub and I to head right back out the door to go to dinner with 7 other couples at this yummy Brazilian steakhouse in Charlotte. I loved having dates with both of my men in the same day. :) 

...That I am a little underwhelmed by the Olympics this go 'round. I just haven't really gotten into the athletes and their stories like I usually do and am just kind of "meh" about it. Maybe that'll change over the next couple weeks. But. Honestly? I'm more excited for the next episode of Parenthood at the end of the month. Ha!

...That Raleigh and I headed to Banks' school earlier this week to help out with a fun pajama party, and ohmygoodness it was the sweetest thing! Rals thought she was big stuff getting to go to big kid school for a bit, and all the kids just fawned all over her, which she just ate up. And Banks was so very proud to have his sister there, introducing her to each of his friends. It was just precious, and all the kids looked adorable in their jammies. 

...That I am grateful that, while we have a few set plans on our calendar over the next few months, it is nice that not every weekend is filled with travel plans or full-on scheduled events. I'm sure those will come as the weeks pass. But. For now? I am excited about the possibilities of what all those open dates may hold...including a fun visit with my "in laws" this weekend. Yahoo!! We just love when our awesome Nana and Pop come to visit!  

And with that, I would need to end our coffee date early to head to my appointment. As we parted ways, I'd ask that we say a quick prayer that I pass the glucose tolerance test and that Baby Lu continues to grow and thrive in the confines of my belly. I'd promise to be back with more caffeine soon and then would wish you a happy and fun-filled weekend. Until next time... 


  1. hello,

    stopping by from Alissa's coffee date !! congratulations on your beautiful niece .. I am so with you on the week being an emotional one :( hoping for a better weekend ,,

    I pray that you past your glucose test and that your baby girl continues to thrive ..

    You have a lovely blog, so glad I stopped by ..

    I hope you have a great weekend

    claire xo

    1. Hi Clare! Thank you for your sweet words and well wishes. I hope you enjoyed your coffee...I had a mug full ready for me in the car right after my glucose tolerance test. Ha! How any momma survives without caffeine is beyond me. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. hope you fly through that glucose tolerance test!! cheers ;)
    [as I sip my coffee at 3pm]
    and yay for awesome sales.

    1. Cheers indeed! And I am with you on the afternoon coffee--I usually need one more small cup in the afternoons to push through. :)

      Can't wait to see your new house come together!

  3. (I'm over from Alissa's Coffee Date)

    Oh my goodness, that pajama picture is the cutest! That age when big brother is still proud to have little sister around it so sweet :)

    How did the glucose tolerance test go? That sweet stuff they make you drink is pretty darn awful.

    1. Hi Suzanna! Thank you for your sweet words. I wish they would stay so close forever...that can happen, right?! :) The test went well, I think, although I won't get the results for a couple more days. Although not my favorite choice of drink, I just threw it back, shot style, and was done with it quickly. Ha! :) Have a great weekend!