Monday, February 3, 2014

Banksisms & Raleigh's Ramblings

Welp. Looks like it's time for the first Banksisms post of the new year! This is Part 12, but I am also adding in a new addition: Raleigh's Ramblings, as my girl is starting to come up with her own funnies these days. :) 

Banks: "Mom, when's it gonna be my birthday? I've been waiting YEARS for my birthday!!"
Ha! I love the time table of preschoolers. 

Momma: "I love you with all my heart."
Banks: "Do you love Raleigh with all your heart?"
Momma: "Yep!"
Banks: "Do you love Daddy with all your heart?"
Momma: "Yep! And the new baby with all my heart."
Banks: "Do you love Jeopardy with all your heart?"
Apparently, you go on a Jeopardy winning streak against Daddy and you develop a profound love for it. 

Banks: "There's nothing better than spending time with family."
Such wisdom from a 4-year-old.

(After bumping into the counter with my big ol' pregnant belly..."
Momma: "Ow! That hurt!"
Raleigh: "Mom?? You hurt your penis?"
Perhaps it's time for a little Anatomy 101. :) 

Momma: "Hey Banks! Let's play [the board game] Sequence."
Banks: "Yeah!!! Fun! Let's play Sequence!!!"
Momma: "Great! Go get it." 
Banks: "Okay...Wait...What's Sequence?!"
Gotta love his enthusiasm and competitive spirit. No matter what the sport or game. 

Banks: "Momma, you're clean, pretty, nice, and fun. And clean." 
Attn: All future dates of my son. Hygiene is apparently top priority if you want to catch his eye.

Momma: "Banks, who's your favorite friend at school?"
Banks: "John* and Sarah*....Actually...just Sarah." (*names have been changed*)
Momma: "How come?"
Banks: "'Cause she's pretty cute."
Dear 4-year-old Banks, I'm not ready for your first crush. Love, Momma

(After being given a small, cardboard house at church to color and collect donations in to give to those in need)...
Banks: "Mom, after we're done coloring the house, will you get my piggy bank please?"
Momma: "Why??"
Banks: "Because I want to put all the money from my piggy bank in here to give to the people who don't have money for houses." 
And then, my Momma heart exploded with pride. 

Man, I love these kids. 

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