Sunday, February 16, 2014


A little update on a few little things. Currently, I am...

Loving...feeling how very active Baby Lu is these days. He/she is a strong little one, kicking and jabbing and rolling so much of the day! Only this time, the kicks are usually felt more on my pelvic bones than on my ribs since he/she is so low. Such a different sensation!

29 Weeks in 7 inches of snow

Reading...Oh Lord. Honestly, I have three books in the drawer in my bedside table that have been there for months. One that I've skimmed (Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys, which is fantastic), one that I have wanted to pick up and start reading so many times but then just succumbed to sleep (One Thousand Gifts), and another that my Momma passed along as a must-read (Love Anthony). One of these days, I'll fully read all three. :) 

Waiting for...a few etsy purchases I've recently made for the baby to come in the mail! I just love online shopping and then the knock on the door when the packages arrive. 

Excited about...the fun summer camps Banks and Raleigh will be participating in this year! Banks will be headed to a couple of half-day, week-long neighborhood camps, and Raleigh will be doing a three-day, half-day dance camp. I cannot wait to see how much fun each of them have as they spread their summer wings! 

Trying to...spread kindness, love, and caring to others with zero expectations in return. Honestly? It's hard sometimes. But I am a work in progress. And so is this resolution. 

Working on...not letting single events dictate my mood for an entire day or more. 

Enjoying...seeing how much my sweet babies love each other. They make an amazing team, and I cannot begin to describe how much it warms my heart to see how excited they are to see each other each day. favorite Rodan + Fields regimen religiously. Now that the Reverse program is pregnancy and breastfeeding safe, I just switched back to this regimen, and I LOVE it!!

Wearing...Nursing bras. They're the only bras I own that fit right now. And they're comfy. Considering I've had the same few since Banks was born over 4 years ago, maybe I should invest in a few more since I'll be wearing them for the next 14+ months. 

Planning...My baby sister's baby shower! Yippee!! We find out next month whether the shower will be in celebration of a baby boy or a baby girl, but the ideas are already swirling. Baby showers are my FAVORITE!

Singing...The usual: "You Are My Sunshine" to Banks and "Isn't She Lovely?" to Raleigh, "our songs" since their births. I already have "our song" selected for the new baby, and I can't wait to sing it to him/her. 

Needing...To find a gray dress that will look flattering on this bod one month post-baby. My stepsister, Shelby, is getting married in May (yahoo!), which means I am actively on the hunt for my honorary bridesmaid dress. I am just sort of trying to guess what size I'll be in at one month postpartum...not that any eyes will be on anyone other than the beautiful bride anyway. be honest about my feelings and not keep them bottled up when things bother me. 

Listening to...the ding, ding, ding of text message alerts. The other night, there were 96 texts sent within my group of college BFFs in the span of a couple hours. Between my college girls, sisters, momma and momma-in-law, Fort Mill friends, and LifeGroup ladies, whew! But, I do love that it's so easy to communicate with so many family members and friends at one time. Not to mention getting to see regular photos of so many adorable kiddos. :) 

Wishing...I could snap my fingers and have the nursery be D.O.N.E. I have this vision of how I want it to look, but the leg-work of getting to that point is a little tiring sometimes. Or, maybe I'm just being third-trimester lazy. 

Doing...lots of treadmill, instead of outdoor, walking, these days, since it has been a little cold/snowy/icy as of late. Luckily, our neighborhood has a (free) gym that is one mile from our house; so, it's a quick trip to get there. But. I'm definitely looking forward to warmer temps when I can get back outside for some fresh air. 

Dreaming of...our beach trip this summer, when I'll have a 4-year-old jumping waves, a 2-year-old chasing seagulls, and a 3-month-old resting in the shade. A cold drink in my hand. The sun beaming down on my shoulders. The sound of beanbags hitting a cornhole board behind me. And the warm breeze in my hair. Heaven on earth. 

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