Friday, December 12, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: Busy Bees Edition

Wheeeeeeew. What.A.Week. It was full and busy and crazy and fun and it all continues this weekend. So. I am definitely in need of a humongous cup o' joe this morning while squeezing in some time with YOU. So, I would ask you, what did your week hold? And what are your weekend plans looking like? 

I would then share the following about these last 7 days of my life, that on...

...Saturday, I spent three hours ALONE getting my hair cut and colored. It was overdue and I feel like a new woman! That night, we went over to the (new) home in our 'hood of some of our closest friends' and enjoyed chili, football, and bevs (for the grown-ups) and grilled quesadillas and movies (for the kids). There were 6 adults, 6 preschoolers, and 2 babies, and it was a blast!

Buds. At least, Harrison thinks so... ;)

...Sunday, my hub and I kept the nursery at church in the morning. Shortly after, we loaded up our babies, clad in their new Christmas jammies, and headed to Bryson City, North Carolina, for our second annual trip to ride the real Polar Express. We met up with the same two families we had chili-ed with the night before (and who we went to the Polar Express with last year) and met at the train station to get our tickets (booked several months ago!) and snap a few pictures before making our way to our assigned train car. The next 90 minutes were magical--think characters straight from the book as the backdrop while enjoying dancing, singing, story-telling, light-viewing, Santa-visiting, hot chocolate-drinking, and treat-eating. Just awesome and totally worth the drive. 

...Monday, I ran around doing errands to prep for the week, played with my kiddos, and went to our family Bible study group, where we finished up our 6-week series on that amazing book I've mentioned just a time or two ;) I also finished creating Raleigh's 3rd birthday party invitations and loved how they turned out!!! More on those in a later post...

...Tuesday, my hub headed out of town for a few days but that didn't slow things down. No siree bob. Because I am the "room mom" for Raleigh's class, I spent time finalizing the teacher Christmas gift and running more seasonal errands while my oldest two were in school for the morning. My little assistant was quite the handy helper. That night, my aunt and uncle babysat my kiddos for a few hours so I could attend a big birthday bash for some neighborhood friends. Fun for all!

...Wednesday, we had fun, fun, fun! I hosted a cookie decorating play date for our play group, and it was a hit. Cookies were decorated and eaten and kiddos were playing and mamas were chatting and catching up. So fun for Rals!  

This sweet fella passed out sitting straight up right after the playdate. <3

...Thursday, we had a ball--it was field trip day! Harrison and I accompanied Raleigh on her class field trip to a local spot called the Dairy Barn for a morning with Ms. Claus and the elves. It was SO fun!! We made ornaments, we played games, we ate snacks, we went on a scavenger hunt, and we listened to Christmas stories. Just adorable! We also gave her teachers the class Christmas gift: gift card trees! And my hub finally returned home just after bedtime. Boy, was I happy to see him after our whirlwind week! 

One of the gift card trees for one of Raleigh's teachers

Throw in setting up some of our outdoor Christmas decorations, doing a little more Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, sending out the last batch of holiday cards, playing with my littles every other spare second, and just doing regular life stuff (laundry! cooking! cleaning! packing for a weekend away! etc.!) and it made for one crazy week! 

And now, Friday is here and we are headed out of town! We'll be spending the weekend in Columbia with "my side" of the family to celebrate Christmas. And by "my side," I mean my TWO parents, my FIVE siblings and their FIVE spouses, my THREE kiddos, my THREE nieces, and my ONE nephew. That's right: 14 adults, 7 kiddos, and 1 weekend FULL of craziness, chaos, love, celebration, and memory-making. 

I also have very, very special plans for Sunday, something I have looked forward to my entire life, and I absolutely cannot wait!!! 

I hope your weekend brings the same joy and family and celebration. <3 Cheers! See you next week.

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