Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gold E. Locks, Year 3

Whelp. Christmas will be here in just one day! Hooray! Our elf, Gold E. Locks (aka Goldy), joined our family three years ago and, in true Goldy fashion, caused all kinds of seasonal fun and mischief throughout the month of December. While it required some planning and effort for him to pull off his shenanigans and come up with new ideas (some from Pinterest, some original), it was certainly worth every bit of it to see Banks and Raleigh's faces as they immediately declared, "Let's go see Goldy!" as soon as their eyes popped open each morning. So. Without further adieu, Goldy the Elf, through the 24 days of his visit:

Day 1: Goldy left cookies and hot chocolate for breakfast, along with his book, to kick off the elf shenanigans.

Day 2: Goldy left a religious advent calendar so that the kids could not only take turns getting a piece of chocolate each morning but also hear the story of Jesus' birth, one verse at a time.

Day 3: Goldy left a box for the kiddos to fill with their own toys to donate to children in need.

Day 4: Goldy brought special, personalized video messages from Santa via the Portable North Pole (which is an AMAZING and FREE website), that they absolutely loved!

Day 5: Goldy left a frame with a note letting the kids know they'd be going to visit Santa that evening.

Day 6: Goldy invited some (freaking looking) snowmen friends for breakfast.

Day 7: Goldy left the kiddos their new Christmas jammies and slippers as well as tickets to go ride the Polar Express in Bryson City, North Carolina, that evening.

Day 8: Goldy gifted the kids with some window embellishments to help make the house more festive.

Day 9: Goldy donned reindeer antlers and left some for the kids to follow suit.

Day 10: Goldy decided that even the playroom toilet needed wrapping.

Day 11: Goldy decided the 'fridge needed a little holiday spirit, too, and covered it with bows.

Day 12: Goldy decided that any time is a good time for s'mores.

Day 13: Goldy traveled to Columbia, South Carolina, to celebrate Christmas with extended family, including one of his own elf cousins. Together, they left a reindeer-making craft for all the human cousins to enjoy.

Day 14: Goldy and his elf cousin, Zoombie, got into some late night antics.

Day 15: Crazy ol' Goldy decided to toilet-paper the tree.

Day 16: Goldy displayed the Christmas dinnerware the kids have created over the last two years, letting them know they'd be painting a new plate at the pottery place later that day.

Day 17: Goldy loves all things sugar and all things sweet. He left sugar cones and supplies for the kids to create edible Christmas trees.

Day 18: That nutty Goldy decided it was Backwards Day, with dinner for breakfast, breakfast for dinner, and, of course, cinnamon rolls for lunch.

Day 19: Goldy went old school, leaving behind some crafting bead kits for the kids to enjoy.

Day 20: Goldy traveled to Aiken, South Carolina, for visiting with more extended family and decided he needed a marshmallow bath while there.

Day 21: While the human cousins enjoyed a slumber party together, Goldy and his cousin elf, Noodles, did too.

Day 22: Just a few days from Christmas, Goldy left behind some reindeer food to help guide Santa's drivers to our home.

Day 23: Goldy let the kiddos know they should be expecting a special phone call from St. Nicholas himself!

Day 24: Goldy concluded his reign with a farewell note and supplies to make cookies for Santa. 

So long, Goldy! Thanks for the smiles. Thanks for the joy. Thanks for the memories. See you next year!!!

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