Monday, December 22, 2014

Scenes of the Season

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And crazy! And busy! And stressful! And magical! 

For whatever reason, this December had felt so full and frenzied. But. We still managed to find time to add a little holiday magic to our home. There's something about a decorated house that just feels so cheery and welcoming and warm, amIright?! And now, a few scenes from our home to yours:

We strung a few lights, threw up some wreaths, and added a little outdoor lighting out front:

And threw in a little indoor decor as well:

I cannot even express how full my heart feels to see FIVE stockings hanging on our mantle this year. It's a sight I've dreamed of my entire life:


I have wanted my own Nativity for several years now and finally bit the bullet and bought the first few pieces to this set, with plans to buy little bits of it over the next few years:

And how very special that my own momma also gave me the set we grew up with. I will look forward to pulling this out every year until I pass it down to my own children. <3


But this crazy, maniacal, hysterical angel, made with love by my Banks, has to be my favorite decoration of all time. He told me he drew the mouth like that because the angel is about to bite Mary (?!?). Yikes! And I won't even go into what those prayer hands look like...Hahahahaha!!!!:

I proudly present our Christmas tree in all it's seasonal glory...

...which is also known as the Leaning Tower of Tree-sa ;) For whatever reason, after chopping our (then straight tree) down and attempting to erect it, we found that the trunk was banana-shaped. My hub saved the day (and the tree) by anchoring it to the wall. Oops. Remember that post I wrote called "The Real Behind The Highlight Reel." This is a perfect example of that. :) 

And of course, one of my very favorite things about the holiday season is checking the mail and getting to see so many beautiful Christmas cards from family and friends, near and far. It makes me happy just to be in my kitchen (and that's saying a lot ;) ) so I can look up at all of these sweet faces:

Thanks to the talents of one of my Fort Mill besties, we were able to get a bright and merry family photo for our own Christmas card this year. 

And finally...we had big Santa success a few weeks ago. I'm guessing by this time next year, Harrison's oblivious state will turn to terror. So. I'm loving this happy pic of my trio this year. :) 

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

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  1. Beautiful, friend!!
    So merry and bright ;)
    LOVE your little willow trees - we have a few we've started collecting over the years too.
    Our tree isn't leaning, but the decorations have all disappeared off the bottom 1/3 of the tree - I have a feeling a little cat has something to do with it...
    merry christmas!
    Love to you and yours!!