Friday, December 5, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: Hello December Edition

It's here! It's here! My most favorite time of year. Oh, how I love the sense of peace and joy that accompany this time of year (well, aside from the stress of finishing Christmas shopping and squeezing time into stretched-thin calendars for holiday events--ha!). Seriously, the lights, the happiness, the family time, the decor...I love it all. So. Were we to meet for coffee this morning, I'd invite you to my home so we could take in the splendor that is a twinkling Christmas tree. I'd show you my favorite ornaments while telling what they mean and who and where they are from. I would ask about your traditions, your tree, your ornaments. I would want to know more about YOU, about how your week unfolded, about what the weekend holds. 

I would then share the following about me:

...that, speaking of trees, last Sunday my little family of 5 visited Penland Tree Farm in York for our third year in a row to select and chop down our tree. This is definitely one of my favorite Christmas traditions. We listen to Christmas music to and from the farm. Once we arrive, we scour the fields until we find just the right tree and, once it is approved by all 5 of us, my hub and my oldest son chop it down. We then pull it along in the "tree limo" (aka wagon) provided, and while my hub gets it wrapped up and loaded on top of the car, I take photos of the littles with the seasonal props found around the property before making scrumptious fire-side s'mores in the big fire pit that is always blazing. Just awesome.

...that sticking with the holiday theme, our elf, Gold E. Locks, is back! Goldy joins us for the third year and has been causing daily shenanigans around our home. Look for a post documenting his day-by-day elf-itty tricks at the end of the month. He's certainly got some fun ideas tucked away in that little elf noggin of his. Stay tuned. ;)

...that my hub was gone three nights in a row this week, which always makes things tough for this momma. By the second day, my patience was thin and I was tired, especially after lugging all three of my little monkeys to teacher conferences two days in a row (on the bright side, great reports for both Banks and Rals!) and then to the pediatrician after Harrison came down with a nasty cough (on the bright side again, no RSV, no ear infections, no nuthin'! Just a virus we are waiting out). I am ashamed to say that I lost my temper after my buttons were pushed one time too many by a certainly golden-headed, curly-haired child. Ugh. I was (am) so disappointed in myself. Not my shining moment as a momma. :( But, I woke up the next day and decided it was a new day and that I needed a new attitude, one with more patience and understanding, as well as a softer heart. I am absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, a work-in-progress as a Momma. Here's hoping for brighter tomorrows...

...that my hub, my brother, my sister "in law," and I had an awesome time cheering on our Clemson Tigers to victory last Saturday in Tiger Town. Although it took forrrrrevvvverrrrr to get to our tailgate spot, we did what any good fans would do: we tailgated in the car once we got off the exit as we were inching our way to our tailgating spot. We arrived with an hour to spare, which was just enough time to meet up with a couple of my college BFF's before heading into the stadium. What a game for our Tigers! And our babysitter, back home with four kids to watch for 13 hours (!!), was phenomenal. Here's hoping for the same outcome next year. Go Tigers!

...that one teensy, tiny, little bit o' news I thought I would share: Harrison is officially a Buy Buy Baby model!!!!! He was hired for a photo shoot a couple months ago, and I just got word that they selected his photo! He modeled a diaper changing pad, and his photo should be appearing in ads sometime next year! So, be on the look out for my sweet little buddy in a Buy Buy Baby circular near you. ;) And, while he won't be wearing his elfwear in the shot, it sure does make me smile:

...that we have something pretty special planned for the kiddos this weekend. My lips are sealed for now, but Goldy informed me that they will be pretty excited once he let's them in on the secret. Other than that, and a nice little solo time for me tomorrow having my hair cut and colored, we have nothing specific planned for the weekend, which I am thrilled about. I have full intentions of wrapping gifts, finishing up my shopping, and spending time with my family peeps. Whew. 'Tis the season!

And with that, I would wish you the happiest of Decembers before we both went off to get our weekends started. Have a great one! 

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