Sunday, March 19, 2017

25 Hours

What does a momma do when she has 25 WHOLE HOURS to herself? With no husband, no kiddos, no others, no work, no nuthin'? When it's been upwards of a decade since this happened? When that momma has been carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders for many months? What does that momma do?

She drives in silence for awhile.

She sings worship music at the top of her lungs.   

She cries while reading a heartfelt card and opening a beautiful gift.

She sips her brand-new-most-favorite-ever drink from Starbucks, while tucking herself away in the corner of the store, reading a light-hearted book for nearly an hour.

She strolls down the street to her favorite, local boutique, taking her time to peruse the store before trying on top after top, distressed jean after distressed jean, and ultimately selecting her favorites for purchase. 

She continues on down the street, having happened upon her town's Spring Fling, visiting the many, many booths, sampling the many local goodies, talking to local store vendors, all while sipping a glass of wine.

She finds a sunny spot alongside the street, perfect for people watching, finishes her wine, and reads another chapter from her book.

She heads to the store to create her favorite salad to take home for dinner, surpassing the free-cookie-stash usually required when grocery shopping with, ahem, others.

She drives home and slips on her pajamas in the middle of the afternoon, turning on her favorite girly show while reading People magazine and giving herself a manicure, with the soundtrack of an afternoon thunderstorm playing in the background.

She grabs her book and walks out on her screened-in porch, making herself cozy on the outdoor couch and devouring yet another chapter.

She throws on workout clothes, grabs some headphones, and blasts worship music while taking a much-needed, albeit leisurely, stroll around her neighborhood in the warm sunshine, praying for peace and grace in ways that she can better help others.

She sits, still and quiet, on her front stoop - no agenda, no plan. And she enjoys the stillness. 

She comes in for the night, throwing her pajamas back on, washing her make-up off, and enjoying an adult beverage (or two) while eating, lounging, relaxing, and purposefully and proactively pushing all stressors away. 

She realizes that, despite wanting, needing, this time so desperately after the last few months, after yearning for just a little "me" time to push away the hard and focus on the easy....she is lonely. Her house, too quiet. Her day, too easy. 

She heads to bed, well before 10:00 pm, falling asleep quickly and waking after 8.5 hours, well-rested and ready to take on the world--ready to hug her husband, ready to squeeze her babies, ready to be there, present, re-energized, and ready to rally, for everyone else around her. 

She takes her time getting ready in the morning, eating a leisurely breakfast, slowly sipping her coffee, and getting a head start on the week's laundry before tackling her most dreaded task of the week: groceries. 

She comes home and enjoys a few more chapters before it's time for her 25 hours to come to a close. She drives down her driveway and onto the road, toward her babies who await her.

So. What did she do with those 25 hours? Exactly what she needed.

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