Friday, March 10, 2017

Cheers to the Weekend, Spring Sports Edition

Hi there friends and family from near and far! It's Friday, which means another dose of what we're saying CHEERS to this week. Before that, though, if you haven't already, please take a minute to read the post from earlier this week, written by guest blogger Kelly Kashmer. Pretty, pretty please read her words and let them wash over you. You'll be glad you did, and they just may save your life. 

And now, here is what we are CHEERSing this week/end: 

Greenway Gala. Last year was the first annual gala to support our local greenway, and we seriously could not have had a better time. I was worried that this year wouldn't be able to live up to last year, but, well, it did!!! The gala is by far my favorite Fort Mill event of the year. Each year there is a different theme, and this year's was Speakeasy and Sparkles (aka the 20s). Some dressed to theme, others didn't, but all had a GREAT time! There was delicious food, an open bar, a silent auction, blackjack and roulette tables, the (same one as last year!), and late night snacks. Not only that, they had an uber code for those attending the event, which made the grand total for our uber ride $1.06. Can't beat that! 

We girls do it up big beforehand. We hired a hair and make-up artist to get us all dolled up and spent all afternoon at my friend Jenn's house getting ready and getting in lots of fun girl time. Then, it was time to get dressed before our dates arrived! Just like last year, I rented a dress from Rent The Runway, and it was so fun to wear! Not only that, but it was super duper comfortable and really made the night feel like the special one that it was. Once our dates arrived, it was time to snap a few photos before we headed to the gala: 

After we arrived, we just had the absolute best time, seeing SO MANY of our dear neighbors and Fort Mill friends. And just like last year, my friends and I were the last on the dance floor (and the last to leave the gala! We just didn't want the night to end!): 

20 in 31. March is one of my favorite months at Pure Barre, because they offer the 20 classes in 31 days challenge. I hit the 20 classes last year, and am hoping to at least meet, if not surpass, that goal this year. It is such great motivation to get my "ledge" to the barre, especially as summer approaches! ;) 

Sports galore. Spring sports are in full swing for us as of tomorrow, and whew!, is it going to be a busy couple of months! Between Banks' baseball games and practices, which are three to four times a week, Raleigh's gymnastics, which is twice a week, and Raleigh and Harrison's soccer, which is once a week, we may start to lose track of what our house looks like! ;) Nonetheless, we are ready to see all these little Lus in action! Bring it on! 

We don't have a whole lot planned for this weekend, which will be a nice change of pace after last weekend, and given that my hub will be gone the next two weekends, AND given that it's Daylight Savings! We'll be hitting up the soccer field at 9:00 am tomorrow for Raleigh and Harrison's first ever soccer practice (did I mention I was able to talk my way into getting them on the same team? Score!) and then heading back to the rec center for Banks' first baseball game at 2:00 pm. Other than that, it'll be a whole lotta nuthin' and I can't wait. :) I'm anticipating a lot of snuggling after church on Sunday, given that it is supposed to be chilly and rainy (snowy?). :

Enjoy your weekend, and I'll be back again soon! Remember to turn your clocks forward tomorrow night! Three cheers for bright and sunny evenings!

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