Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Remember Not To Forget

Because their early childhoods are now flying by at warp speed, I like to document some of my favorite things they do from time-to-time, so that I have a record and will never forget these simple but sweet memories. All that to say, I am trying so hard to remember not to forget: 
  • The way that Harrison calls Raleigh "Lolly." And I am starting with this one because just last week, he has been calling her "Wolly," which is ever so close to accurately calling her Raleigh. I wish he would call her Lolly/Wolly forever. It makes me smile every time. 
  • Banks' love of Pokemon. What is it with these stupid cards? All the little boys are obsessed with them, and I just don't get it! But Banks loooves them. Sadly, he is grounded from them for three months, but that's another story for another day...
  • Harrison waving from his window. Like his big brother and sister, Harrison loves waking up at the crack of dawn (what is it? hereditary with my kids to never, ever sleep past (and usually well before) 7:00 am?!). What is so, SO sweet to see is his little silhouette, peering out of his window and waving with all his might as his big brother's bus drives by each morning. <3
  • The hidden treats under their beds. Two weeks ago, I busted Raleigh AND Banks for sneaking entire bags of treats into their rooms and hiding them under their beds (Reese's cups for Rals, a bag of marshmallows for Bankster). I mean, they do get their sweet tooth honest ;)
  • Reading Where the Sidewalk Ends each night. Banks has become a HUGE bookworm, tackling chapter book after chapter book and reading any second he gets the chance--which totally warms this momma's heart. I love to read, too! And each night before bed, we read a few entries from Where the Sidewalk Ends, and it is one of my favorite parts of each day.  
  • Raleigh's adoration of dresses. Now, my Raleigh can hunt frogs and climb trees with the best of 'em, but you can bet your bottom dollar she will be wearing a dress while doing it. My girl insists on wearing a dress In fact, the only days she doesn't wear dresses are those that I insist she wear pants, like when it is 30 degrees outside or when she is not allowed to wear them as a consequence for bad behavior. Otherwise, homegirl is rockin' a dress.
  • AFV on Sunday nights. If you are ever in our home at 7:00 pm on a Sunday night, you will find our little fam curled up together and watching America's Funniest Videos. It is ALWAYS the perfect way to end our weekend. 
  • Preschool pick-up exuberance. Without a doubt, nothing can make me smile bigger than when I spot Harrison during carpool pick-up. Because the second his eyes land on his momma, he smiles as big as he possibly can, waves so hard his arm just may come off, and yells out, "MOMMY!!!!!!" at the top of his lungs. Swoon. 
  • Banks' passion for sports. Banks is happiest when he is playing sports. He just loves it so, so much. In fact, in his first baseball game of the season last weekend, he was literally smiling from ear to ear while up at bat. Just so cute! And did I mention that the kid single-handedly made a triple play during practice last week. :0 The kid has sports in his blood.

  • Their own, individual songs that I sing to them each night at bedtime: You Are My Sunshine for Banks, Isn't She Lovely for Raleigh, and This Little Light of Mine for Harrison (and I have already chosen the song I will sing our new daughter once she joins our family. I think it will be perfect for her and can't wait to share what it is). <3
  • Watching Raleigh do handstand after handstand, cartwheel after cartwheel, bridge after bridge, all day long. The girl never stops practicing. And i love watching her practice!
  • Cinnamon roll Saturdays. For as long as I can remember, we have eaten cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings. The kids LOVE it. And I have no intention of stopping it. :)
  • Harrison dropping naps waaaaaaay earlier than Banks or Raleigh ever did, and destroying his room during his "rest time" almost daily. And the way that, when he does nap, he often falls asleep on the floor, right next to his door.

  • Raleigh's love of olives. She is definitely the least picky eater of our three, and has inherited her momma's obsession love of olives. I even taught her a little game I used to play at lunch when I would eat my olives. :) 
  • The way that Banks hoards collects things. Okay, this isn't always something I enjoy seeing, but it is noteworthy and something I want to remember: the boy loves him some collections. Whether it be piles and piles of books, mounds of rocks, stacks of cards, he will not rest until he has collected as many as possible. 

  • Raleigh, swinging as high as she can on our swingset. She just sails through the air, trying to fly as high as she possibly can, never seeming to tire of going back and forth, back and forth.
  • Crib sheets. Yes, I said crib sheets. Most little ones have a favorite blankie, a lovely, a stuffed animal. Not my Harrison. No sirree bobtail. His most prized possession? Two white crib sheets, that he carries around while sucking his thumb and canNOT sleep without.
  • How proud Banks looks every time I walk in his classroom to volunteer. I just love that he still loves giving his momma huge hugs when I walk into his class, often stopping whatever he is doing to run across the room for a big one. I know it won't always be this way, but it is for now and I love it. 
  • Tree climbin'. The kids love climbing the trees in our yard and do it often, even making themselves comfy and reading books on branches at times. :) 
  • The way that Harrison sits in the car. Nine times out of town, I will look in my rear view to see Harrison with his arms folded behind his head and his legs crossed. Make yourself comfortable there, little fella!

As I often say, if it isn't written down, I WILL forget it. So, at least these memories are now safely documented. :)

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