Wednesday, March 29, 2017

By The Numbers

I haven't written one of these posts in over a year and thought it'd be a fun change of pace 'round these parts. Here are some numbers that are prominent in my life these days:  

1191: Number of baked goods I have handmade and decorated over the last 10 months, with 1019 of those being made for our adoption fundraising (971 of which were cookies, 24 of which were cupcakes) and another 86 being additional cookies made for my own personal events. That's a WHOLE lot of baking!!! 

528: Number of blog posts I've written since starting "Doc Momma" back in July of 2012. Geez. That seems like quite a few!   

403: Pages of the New Testament I have read to date during my early morning quiet time, with 74 more to go! I can't wait to see how it ends. ;)  

386: Days it has been since we officially began our adoption process. One of these days, our phone will ring. One of these days...  

100: Ounces of water I drink each day.  

87: Days until the first of two extended family beach trips. Yay!!! They are two of our most favorite weeks of the year, when the kiddos get to play, play, play with their beloved cousins while we grown-ups kick back, relax (well, as much as we can with littles running rampant ;), and enjoy having our toes in the sand and a drink in our hand. And I miss all my nieces and nephews like crazy when it's been too long between visits; so, I love any chance I get to focus on and play with them, too. I can't wait!! Come on, summer! 

79: High temperature anticipated for today...and for the weekend, too. Yeehaw! Hello beautiful spring weather! 

37: School days left until summer break. Heck yeah! I cannot WAIT to have so much time to spend with my trio with no real schedule to keep nor homework/sports/important stuff to do. :)  

25: Number of miles my hub ran as part of his 8-man team during the Palmetto 200 last weekend. Whoa. 

20: (As of yesterday!) Number of Pure Barre classes I have completed so far this month, as part of the 20 classes in 31 days March Madness challenge. Pumped! And I am hoping to get 3 more classes in before month's end this Friday. Mission accomplished! 

13: Number of runs Banks' team scored in their game Monday night, aka their first victory of the season. Go Vols! Hoping they can do the same tomorrow night!  

9: Number of loads of laundry I do each week. It just never ends!!! 

7: School days left until Spring Break. We've got two trips planned with some downtime in between, and I am so excited for it all!  

4: Episodes of my "new" favorite show, Fixer Upper, that I've seen. I had heard that the Gaines were this awesome Christian couple with a strong faith and a cool story, and even though I am a taaaaaaad late to the game, I am loving their show!  

3: Days until Raleigh and Harrison's first ever soccer game!!!!! Also, 3 days until their team photos, 3 days until Banks' baseball practice, 3 days until his team photo, 3 days until I co-host a baby shower for a dear friend, and 3 days until Clay volunteers at a local Easter egg hunt for families in need. In other words, Saturday is going to be b.u.s.y.   

2: Days until one of my sisters and her family arrive to the Mill for a *special* visit... ;)  

1: Hour of time it takes me to simply make and bake a couple dozen cookies, excluding the many hours spent making and coloring the icing and meticulously decorating said cookies. And since I have two dozen that need to be completed by Friday, it's time this Momma gets back to work! 

Those are all my numbers for today, folks!

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