Monday, July 22, 2013

A Bride and Her Girls

Over the weekend, eleven of us gathered to celebrate the last single days of my little sister, Whitney, who will marry the love of her life, her high school sweetheart, in November. While I will not share all of the intimate details of our weekend away in the mountains, nor some of the more graphic photos of the party decor/games/desserts(!), I thought a fun recap of our weekend was in order. 

We gathered Friday night for a girls night in. When the bride and all her girls arrived, there were handmade, bedazzled, personalized cups waiting as well as a soundtrack that was created and given to each girl and played on repeat for most of the weekend. There were also some graphic decor and snacks awaiting the party guests, but I'll leave those photos to the imagination. We dined on order-out pizza, enjoyed quite a few adult beverages, played some games, and talked the night away, reminiscing and laughing until our stomachs hurt. It was a great start to an awesome weekend.

Relaxin' and waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive in our GORGEOUS home for the weekend. All credit to my amazing sister-in-law, Jamie, for finding this mountain estate. 


Soundtrack for the weekend, made with love by my sister, Jessie

Drink up!

Saturday was spent enjoying a homemade breakfast before heading out for an afternoon of wine-tasting, dining, and shopping. After freshening up back at our mountain estate, the bachelorette shenanigans and pre-partying began. There was a menu of heavy tapas that was devoured (both pre- and post-party), a special outfit supplied for the bride to wear, lingerie gifted, a large (self-made!) dice rolled to determine the order in which many (fun! and many, original!) games would be played, and even more adult beverages consumed while said games were going on. Next, a van arrived to whisk us away to downtown Asheville, where the fun continued at several different stops and ended at a gay and lesbian dance club. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, it was awesome. 

Ready for a day on the town!

The vintage view that greeted us upon arriving at the winery

Apparently, Hendersonville's mascot is a bear? They were everywhere. 

The beautiful bride, getting ready for a girls night out!

So easy to make this large dice: Buy a styrofoam block from a craft store. Use Modge Podge to adhere cardstock to each side. Write on each side. Voila. 

My favorite game of the night: JeoPARTAY! (and the only one I'll describe for PG purposes): The bride had to answer questions that were pre-answered by her fiance. There were four categories for the questions. She selected the category and the penalty given should she incorrectly answer the question, which was written on the flap of the envelope [e.g., "Take a Shot"; "Finish Your Drink"; "Avalanche"; "Drink for 3"]. To prevent her from having to drink too much for this one game, the penalty for each question was assigned to one of the party guests. Thus, everyone was involved and participating. Fun!

Ready for a very fun and very memorable night on the town with her best friends

All the sistas :) 

Without a doubt, it was a weekend I'm sure none of us will forget (right, Whit, Jess, James, Shelbs, Clare, Lauren, Hannah, Shelley, Manning, and Madison?)! 

And now, I will continue to attempt to recover from the weekend and all its celebrations. Whew! 


  1. Looks like it was so much fun! I love all the games. And I am going to have to make one of the giant dice (die? dye?) for the kiddos! Probably without the pecker ring toss, though. Hahahaha!!

    1. Oh, I don't know. I think the Pecker Ring Toss would be a hit! I kid, I kid. :) It really was so easy to make and the cardstock possibilities are endless. :)

  2. haha! looks like SO much fun!
    and the mountains... breathtaking.
    We went to a Bed and Breakfast right outside of Asheville in Leicester, NC for our anniversary this year. And needless to say...
    We'll be going back. Wildberry B&B.
    {although, the house Jessie went to for her time away was pretty amazing looking too - I gotta look it up!}
    My husband wanted to move to Asheville.
    But he tends to be a bit extreme at times ;)
    anyway..I wanted to tell you that I got to teach my Orientation Instructor something new because of your sweet Raleigh!!
    She had never heard of anisocoria before when we were going over neuro pathology! I got to teach her something.