Friday, July 12, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

Soooo I'm trying something new this week. I'm doing a "link up" with another blogger, Rags to Stitches, who does something called "Coffee Date Friday." Basically, for all you non-bloggers who aren't an internet nerd like me, this means that a blogger will throw a topic out there (a la "Coffee Date Friday") and you can write on the same topic and then link your blog to hers so that others can click on the link to read your post. Make sense? No? Oh well. Let's move on. 

If we were going to stop in the local Fort Mill Starbucks (which is about 10 minutes from my home and thus not really a convenient trip for me. But. #1: It's Starbucks. Throw convenience out the window for a sip of their intoxicating elixir. #2: If I have to drive 10 minutes to chat with you, so be it. I am always up for good conversation with you), I would share the following during our chit-chat while sipping away on my (Iced) Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte with an extra shot (Hey! I neeeeeeed all the caffeine I can get. And also, I seriously doubt that's the right "order" of the words per the Starbucks lingo. But. You get the point.):

...I swear this has got to be the rainiest summer on record here in the South. Rain, rain go away. I have two kiddos who want to play. And a momma who neeeeeds to help those kiddos burn off some energy so good naps are ensured for all parties involved.

...I love family more than life itself. Last week, I was so lucky to spend a full three days with my momma, one of my sisters, and her fun-loving, sassy daughter (aka my fun-loving, sassy niece) while our hubbies were golfin' it up in Charleston. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned a time or two or hundred how important girl time is to me and my life and my happiness and my sanity. Now, when that girl time involves family time, too? Well, I am one blissful lady. 

...And speaking of girl time, I am about to be able to bathe in it, soak it up, and hang it up to dry. Because next weekend is a weekend 'o bachelorette fun, soon after one of my best friends (and her two adorable boys) are coming to stay in the Mill with me for a few days, followed by an evening of Bunco with my neighborhood ladies, and then I'll close out the summer with a full weekend with all of my best college girl friends. Yippee!!! Soaking it in, down to the bone. 

...I would not trade my stay-at-home momma gig for all the money in the world. But. It is very strange to hear of changes taking place in the neuropsychology community and being so removed from it. Scary, even. It was just such a huge focus of my life for so long and now I learn of the changes second-hand, from afar. It feels strange. I feel guilty to not be in the midst of it. But honestly? I know, without a shadow of a doubt, I am right where I am supposed to be at this stage of my life. I'll be back in that community again, one day...

...We got our photos back from our surprise Clemson swing family photo shoot. I love them, mainly because of the meaning and memories they hold for me. My favorites? Surprisingly, the ones of just my hub and me. Because we haven't had professional photos of just the two of us since our wedding day, over 9 years ago! 

...Despite all the rain, we've been having fun checking off items from our 2013 Summer Bucket List. Update coming soon.

...I am working hard to try and finish up my book. There will be LOTS more work ahead of me in the upcoming weeks. But. I am hoping. I am praying. I am wishing. I am crossing fingers and toes. Oh, please, let it be all that I dream it to be. 

And with that, dear friend, my coffee cup hath runneth empty. I'm off to kick off a summer lovin' weekend, that is sure to include plenty of family time, bachelorette party prep, a joint birthday party for two awesome new friends' adorable little boys, and relaxation. And adult beverages. Let's not forget those. Ahhhhhh...TGIF. 

Until next time...

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  1. Yay for the link up! I would be having a venti non fat latte with an extra shot at our starbucks coffee date and would probably drain it in no time! :) Love having a "virtual" coffee date! :)