Sunday, July 7, 2013


Long days. Hard days. Tearful days. Whining days. Slow-ticking days. Tired days. Am I good enough? days. Timeout Days. Frustrating days. Tantrum days. Patience-stealing days. Overwhelmed days. Am I doing it right? days. Trying days. Deep breath days. Exhausting days. I should be better days. 

These are the days that make up much of Mommahood. 


Joyful days. Laughing days. Hand-holding days. Confident days. Smiling days. Purposeful days. Kissing days. Learning days. I am enough days. Meaningful days. I've got this days. Life-giving days. Hugging days. Memorable days. Happy days. Blessed days. I'm doing this right days. Heartfelt days. Peaceful days. Beautiful days. Loving days. 

These are the days that I will remember most about Mommahood. 

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