Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Banksisms, Part 7

It's just too bad my 3-going-on-16-year-old Banks has absolutely no personality to speak up. Y'all. I swear. I just need to keep a video camera on him at all times ('Cause I'm sure anyone who is not his Momma would just love that. Right? No? Okay then. Moving on...). Half of his hilarity is the inflection and facial expressions he uses when he speaks so emphatically on a topic. But a few quotes will have to do for now. So. I present, the latest round of Banksisms:

Banks: "Mom, do you see that deer?"
Momma: "No, what deer?"
Banks: "That pretend deer in our backyard."
Momma: "Oh. Okay. Sure! Yeah, I do! What's his name?"
Banks: "Percy Jenkins."

Aunt Jess: "Banks, what's your favorite vegetable?
Banks: "PopCORN."
Nice try, little buddy. Nice. Try.

Momma: "Thanks for getting that spider, buddy. You're my hero."
Banks: "You're welcome, Mommy. All in the day's work."
Where does he come up with this stuff?!

Banks: "I can flip over and do a tummy salt!"

Banks: "Uncle Tim, my lip hurts."
Uncle Tim: "How did you do it?"
Banks: "I think I hurt it when I was running. My lips don't like running."
Neither do mine. Maybe it runs in the family. No pun intended.

Banks: "I don't like bad guys very much."
Momma: "Why?"
Banks: "Because they put fire on everyone and turn off the news."
Those bad guys are just cruel. I mean...turning off the news?!

Banks: "Is this farm called a pharmacy?"

Banks: "Mom, I just got a little sting by a bug."
Momma: "Are you okay, honey?"
Banks: "Yeah, I'm okay. I'm still alive."
Thank goodness!

(While flossing his teeth, stops suddenly, smiles and says):
Banks: "It tastes minty fresh!"
Seriously?! I mean, maybe he hears this stuff on tv??

Banks: "What kind of truck is that?"
Momma: "It's a pick-up truck." 
Banks: "Does it get a lot of hiccups?"
A pick-up hiccup truck. Maybe he's on to something. Someone call Disney.

Keep 'em coming, sweet boy!

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