Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

As I continue to grow in my faith and my relationship with Christ, I look more and more forward to Easter each year, to celebrating that He died on a cross for me and my sins and has risen. 

I teared up in church this morning as we sang loudly and soulfully, thinking of my babies in their church classes while I rubbed my belly, standing alongside the love of my life, feeling completely unworthy but so thankful for all that He has given us. 

We started our day with Easter baskets, a new coloring house to help keep two little someones busy in the coming weeks while Momma has her sleep-deprived hands full, and an egg hunt. 

We ate a delicious breakfast, sweetly made by my hub, and dressed up in our Easter best to head to church and celebrate the true meaning of today, one that does not involve eggs nor baskets nor coloring houses. We sang and praised and listened and learned, all the while standing alongside new friends in our packed church sanctuary. 

Adorable, pink seersucker, monogrammed bow tie by Palmetto Cuties. Check them out on Facebook!

Sweeter-than-sugar, ruffle skirt and shirt combo by Goat & Lulu. Check them out on etsy!

And then we headed home to feast as a family of four on a yummy Easter meal, Nana's roast recipe, made with love by my hub, and talked about Jesus and resurrection and how differently life will look for our family in just a few days.

It's safe to say I am feeling extremely blessed. And grateful. And happy. And fulfilled. 

Happy Easter indeed. 

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