Sunday, April 13, 2014

To My Duo

Dear Banks and Raleigh, 

The time has almost come. The day has almost arrived. The moment that our family will grow by one more. The minute that you will become a big brother (again!) and a big sister (for the first time!). 

Adding another member to our family brings it's own set of Momma fears and questions along with it: 
  • How will I continue to make sure that each of you get your own, special, individual Momma time on a regular basis?
  • How will you react when I can't immediately respond to your requests when I'm nursing or soothing a fussy baby or recovering from my surgery?
  • How will you respond to having to share Momma and Daddy's attention with a new little one in the house? 
  • Will I do a good enough job of staying present and active and focused on the two of you while also learning to be a Momma-of-three, especially during these first, trying, sleep-deprived months? 
  • Will you love the new baby as much as you love each other? 

And so many more. But. You know what? I am a very lucky, very blessed Momma. Because I just so happen to be the Momma to both of YOU. Which automatically calms so many of my fears. 

You see, I have never, ever seen two children more excited about adding another baby to the family. Never. 

Banks, you are an incredibly kind and protective big brother, such a sensitive little boy, without an aggressive bone in your body. You are constantly watching out for your Raleigh Jane, and I know you will do the same with our new baby. Your curious and caring nature have made this pregnancy so fun for me, as you ask questions about the baby, rub my belly, and talk sweetly to our new little one. And I am not exaggerating when I say that Baby Lu responds most to the sound of your voice. I know this baby just adores you already! I cannot wait to see you cradling our new baby in your arms and proudly continuing to be Momma's helper as we welcome our new family member. This baby is so blessed to have such an amazing big brother, and I cannot wait to watch all of your adventures together as they unfold. 

Raleigh, you absolutely light up, from the inside-out, when you are around babies. You want to hold and nurture and love and care for any and every baby you see. You smile so proudly when carefully cradling a baby in your arms and innately know to offer pacis and toys to keep the baby happy. It is absolutely amazing how nurturing and loving you are, and I have no doubt you will be the best big sister imaginable, exceeding even my wildest dreams of what I hoped you would be as you take on this new role. Our Baby Lu is so, so very lucky to have you as a big sister, Rals, and I cannot wait to see your relationship, your best friendship, grow and blossom over the years as you grow together with your new sibling. 

So. Even though our world is about to turn upside down, we'll navigate it together as a family. We'll transition and adjust and welcome the changes and challenges as they come, together. We'll grow and change, together. We'll make mistakes together, and we'll make progress together. We'll become a family of five, together. 

Thank you, my beautiful, precious, perfect babies, for being YOU. For coming into my life. For reminding me daily of what life is really all about. And for already making our new baby feel so loved and welcomed. 

I am one blessed Momma. 

With All My Heart, 


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