Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wee One Wednesday: 35 Weeks

Well, I am officially down to the weekly appointment stage of pregnancy! I had an appointment yesterday, and all is looking well with Baby Lu! Because my girlfriend who was going to watch Banks and Raleigh during my appointment got sick at the last minute, they came with me, along with plenty of snacks and suckers. :) 

And next week I get to have one last ultrasound, which my hub, Banks, and Raleigh will all be attending with me so we can see the baby in my belly one more time together before his/her big debut in just a few weeks! Lots of excitement 'round these parts these days. :) 

Size of the Baby: As I said, all was good with Baby Lu at my 35-week appointment yesterday. The heart rate was right at 150 and despite somehow losing a pound over the last two weeks (say wha?!?), my belly is now actually measuring about a week ahead of schedule. To me, this translates to, hopefully, another big baby! Of course, it could have just been the position of the baby during the measurement. I guess we'll see how things measure up next week during the ultrasound!

Anywho, according to, Sweet Baby Lu weighs around 5.25 pounds and is over 18 inches at this point, about the size of a honeydew melon. Wowzer. 

Symptoms: Mainly, it's just back pain at this point. I find some relief by trying to "carry" my belly with my arms when having to walk around a lot, and, of course, sitting and resting whenever possible. I have also had a pretty good amount of heartburn lately, although I still feel certain that the old wives tale of heartburn = "head covered in hair" just won't pan out for Baby Lu, seeing my track record of producing nearly bald babies. :) 

Movement: The movements over the last week have mostly been less jabby and stabby and more roll-y and poly. It seems Baby Lu is slowly starting to run out of space in my belly, but I love the smooth rolling movements of his/her dancing each day. The baby also still feels really, really loooooow.

Sleep: Fairly good sleep this week. Nighttime wakenings happen every night BUT the insomnia died down a little this week. Naps are still required some, but not all, days, mostly of the power-nap variety.  

What I Miss: Being able to pick up Raleigh. :( It just kills my back if I hold her for more than a minute. So. We are substituting lots of snuggles, hugs, and hand-holding instead. Also, being able to go on my daily walks without feeling like the baby is going to fall out at any minute. And, of course, mojitos and margs.

Cravings: Dried cranberries with nuts. Salads. Mexican food. Mushrooms. 

The Belly:

I'll be back next week, when I'll officially be 9 MONTHS PREGNANT. Whoa. 

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