Sunday, December 8, 2013

Banksisms, Part 11

I'm guessing this will be the last Banksism post of the year. My little buddy sure has made this year an entertaining one! And now, for the last few Banksisms for 2013: 

(Holds up a beer...)
Banks: "Can I have this when I'm 89?"
If you follow in your parents' footsteps, it may be a leeeeetle sooner than that. 

(Prior to the start of a football game...)
Banks: "Are they gonna sing the 'Magical Anthem'?"
Ha! Now paging Harry Potter. 

(WHILE having his hiney wiped after going potty...)
Banks: "Hey Daddy, will you scratch my back?"
LOL!!! But this is SO not okay.

Momma: "What did you have for snack at school today?"
Banks: "Bad birds."
Momma: "Bad birds??"
Banks: "Yeah. Bad birds graham crackers."
Momma: "Ohhhhh. You mean Angry Birds?"
Banks: "Yeah. Angry Birds."
Potato. Potahtoe.

(Seeing a tree whose leaves have all fallen off...)
Banks: "That tree is naked!"
I don't want to know what he'd call a barren bush. What? Too much?

(After our miniature yorkie, Cooper, accidentally got stepped on...)
Daddy: "Coop, you okay, buddy?"
Banks: "Umm...Dad? Dogs can't talk."

Momma: "Banks, you dropped your [stuffed animal] lizard."
Banks: "That's okay. He's dead because I killed him for you."
Ummm....??? Yikes.

Here's hoping that 2014 brings in even more funnies from my ever-talking, ever-observant, ever-hilarious preschooler! 

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