Monday, December 23, 2013

The Return of Gold E. Locks

Last year, we met our Christmas Elf on the Shelf, Gold E. Locks, aka "Goldy." He caused all kinds of crazy shenanigans during his inaugural year; so, it's no surprise that he had so many elf-ariffic tricks up his tiny elf sleeves this year, yet again!

So. Without further ado, I present the 24 days of Goldy: 

Day 1: Goldy leaves a message in marshmallows and sprinkles

Day 2: Goldy dyes the milk his favorite shade of Christmas green

Day 3: Goldy leaves snowman donuts for breakfast

Day 4: Goldy is still in the Halloween spirit, leaving tiger masks for the kids to make while donning his own

Day 5: Goldy leaves an empty box and instructions for the kids to fill it with some of their toys to give away to children in need

Day 6: Goldy leaves all the makings for a gingerbread house

Day 7: Goldy got in touch with Santa, who left special, personalized video messages for both Banks and Raleigh (via Portable North Pole)

Day 8: Goldy got into some holiday stickers...

Day 9: Goldy was feeling artsy and drew a self-portrait with chalk

Day 10: Goldy left personalized ornaments for the kids to commemorate the activities they started this year (for Banks, teeball, and for Raleigh, gymnastics) as well as supplies to paint some new ornaments for the tree

Day 11: Goldy found himself in a "sticky" situation (i.e., taped to the wall, along with candy canes, with festive holiday tape)

Day 12: Goldy left two hats for his little elves to wear while they delivered the gifts to the two children our family "adopted" for Christmas

Day 13: Goldy wanted the kids to start the day with yummy hot chocolate

Day 14: Goldy, ever the chocoholic, got into the Hersheys while crashing at Nana and Pop's house and even left a few extras for the kiddos

Day 15: Goldy decided to end his weekend at Nana and Pop's with some elf-robatics

Day 16: Goldy left new Christmas coloring books for the kids, complete with messages for each

Day 17: Goldy was feeling competitive, opting to challenge two of his buddies to a paper bag race

Day 18: Goldy left popcorn and a new movie (The Polar Express) for the kids to watch 

Day 19: Goldy left the kids new Christmas jammies but did so 5 days before Christmas Eve because...

Day 20: Goldy left two tickets for the kids to ride the REAL Polar Express (where they would need to wear their new jammies)! 

Day 21: Goldy left gingerbread men for the kids to decorate

Day 22: Goldy, ever the elf with connections, ensured Banks and Raleigh they'd be receiving a call from Santa later in the day...and they did!

Day 23: Goldy left a breakfast barricade for the kiddos to bust through!

Day 24: Goldy left a goodbye message as well as supplies to make cookies to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve!

And with that, Goldy will kindly go about his merry way. But we'll most certainly be ready for his arrival again next year, when he'll have three little elves to keep entertained in our home. 

I hope you've discovered a little Christmas magic this season, in whatever way, shape, or form that may come to your home. I'll be soaking up time with my family the next week or so but will be back soon with new posts for the new year (well, really, there'll be one more post this week: my Wee One Wednesday post, Christmas edition, that has already be written). :) 

And one last thing: Christmas Day marks the one year anniversary of my brave friend Amy's passing. I'll start my Christmas Day this year, and every year that follows, putting one last ornament on my tree in her memory, first thing in the morning. If you don't mind, and have just a moment, please thank the good Lord for her beautiful spirit, as well as those of the other angels among us, whom we are so blessed to know. I know it would be so greatly appreciated by all of those affected by the early losses of loves ones.

And with that, may I joyfully proclaim...

Merry Christmas Eve Eve to all and to all a good night! 

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