Friday, December 6, 2013

Coffee Date Friday: Hello December!

Happy December, friends! I love December. Not only because my birthday just so happens to fall in the middle of the month, but because people are generally just in happy, kind, giving, ho-ho-ho, 'tis the season moods. Also? People are able to take more time off to spend with their families, which is my most favorite thing of all. 

So. Yes. Happy December!

Were we to meet for coffee, I would be sipping mine slowly, as I tend to do, spreading my sips (from the same cup of coffee) out throughout the day. I would first ask about wonderful YOU. About your Thanksgiving holiday, about your Christmas shopping, about your plans for the weekend, about your holiday party calendar for the month. After our conversation was appropriately saturated with all things you, I would share the following about me...

...That I'm headed to a holiday cookie exchange tonight, and I am so excited about it. I'll be making a new recipe, peanut butter balls, for the shindig tonight and am excited to not only get in some girl time but also bring home a variety of yummy treats for my expanding belly kiddos. 

...That I have put a serious dent in my Christmas shopping and am thrilled about that!

...That we returned to Penland Tree Farm for the second time in as many years to hunt for our family Christmas tree. If you live in the Fort Mill, Rock Hill, York area, I highly recommend it! From pulling your own cart, lugging your own saw, scouting the perfect tree, chopping it down (or watching as your husband does), sipping hot chocolate, and roasting marshmallows, it is a full, fun family affair, and a great way to kick off the holiday season! 

...That I have learned of amazing, life-changing news for several important people in my life over the last week!!! While three of these tidbits will remain top-secret for the time being (I am an EXCELLENT secret keeper, as you probably know, since we are good enough friends to be sharing coffee :) ), there is one other bit o' news I can ever-so-proudly share: My sister, Whitney, the one who was married just over a month ago, found out earlier this week she "matched" at the extremely competitive orthodontics program at the Medical University of South Carolina, her top choice. And may I also say? They are lucky to have her! Not only is she brilliant, but she is a kind, hard-working, talented dentist. And...wait...does this mean free braces for her nieces and nephews in the future?! ;)

...That our elf, Gold E. Locks, aka Goldy, returned to our home on December 1st and is causing all kinds of elfalicious shenanigans 'round these parts. I love it! Just as I did last year, I'll do a single post of Goldy and his 24 days of elftastic glory just before Christmas, although I am documenting his craziness daily on Instagram, as I'm sure you've seen if you follow me there. 

...That I am still bummed my Clemson Tigers lost to our rival last weekend. :( But. We'll avoid that conversation and resume happier topics...

...That I won a giveaway over at my sweet friend, Amy's, blog and I am so excited about it! Thanks so much, Amy and Leslie Anne! If you are looking for holiday fun for your littles as a way to reinforce the real "reason for the season," check out the description of the prize on Amy's blog. 

...That my small-screen, cable television debut is happening THIS SUNDAY on Showtime. You may remember a couple of months ago when I mentioned excitedly shouted from the rooftops that I got to shoot a couple of scenes as an extra on my most favorite show, Homeland. Well, that episode is airing this Sunday! And I even caught a glimpse of myself in the preview for the episode that was aired at the conclusion of last week's episode. I am guessing this will probably be all that will be seen of me during the actual episode, but I don't care! I loved my brief stint as a CIA agent. Oh, and the episode is a goooooood one!!

That's me, that blurry CIA agent, third from Mandy Patinkin ("Saul"), seated at the table

...That this is the only weekend this month that we have zip, zero, zilch, nil, NO plans, and we are thrilled about that! I feel like we've been on the road, non-stop, So. We are really looking forward to relaxing, playing, lounging, watching football, and getting a little more Christmas shopping done. 

And with that, I would give you a warm December hug before we parted ways, in search of weekend bliss. See you soon!

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