Friday, December 20, 2013

Coffee Date Friday: From the North Pole!

Ho, Ho, Ho!!! The happiest of holiday greetings to you, which will be headed your way from the North Pole later today! That's right...we'll need to enjoy some virtual coffee today, as my little family of four and I have been in Atlanta since yesterday (for my hub's work appointments) and will head to Bryson City, North Carolina, today to take a ride on the REAL POLAR EXPRESS!!!!! 


I am almost more excited about our train ride tonight than I am about Christmas! We booked our tickets a couple of months ago, along with two of our couple friends and their kiddos, and will board the Polar Express at 5:00 pm sharp tonight, where the kids will don their Christmas pajamas while enjoying the 75-minute train ride. They will each receive a basket full of goodies, sip on authentic hot chocolate, listen as the Polar Express is read to them, and take in the sights before meeting the real Santa and being gifted with a bell from his sleigh. I cannot WAIT!!!!!!!! 

So. Yes, ours is a virtual coffee date today. I would also share the following with you during our chat: 

...That I had a wonderful birthday, definitely one of the best I've ever had! I was treated to breakfast in bed first thing in the morning and my hub made sure I felt special all day long, from not having to lift a finger all day to receiving sweet gifts from him and the kids; from enjoying a nice family lunch at our favorite Fort Mill spot to having an afternoon of solo shopping and exercise time. The highlight of my day was definitely watching my little buddy belt out his Christmas tunes during his school's Christmas program, but we also had a great time with our small group that night, celebrating the holiday season with white elephant gifts and board games. And my hub and I snuck away for a celebratory date the night before, which was a wonderful evening spent with my best friend. All in all, 33 has been kind to me so far! 

...That, after living in Fort Mill for well over a year, I finally had a real, grown-up hair appointment, at an actual, nice salon, where I decided to lighten my locks a bit by putting some highlights back in. I was actually "blonde" for about 10 years before going back to my brunette roots 4 years ago. I decided to surprise my hub and add some subtle blonde back in and it felt so nice to have my hair done while NOT surrounded by the planes, trains, and automobiles of "Pigtails and Crewcuts." :) 

...That my parents are headed to our home tomorrow so we can celebrate Christmas with them! We were in Aiken last weekend to celebrate with my "in laws" and will now do the same with my parents. I just love soaking up so much family time during the holiday season. 

...That I was able to see two of my girlfriends, and meet a very handsome newborn, during our quick trip to Atlanta over the last 24 hours. It made for a busy, fun, fast trip!

...That I received the outfit in the mail my Raleigh will be wearing for her second birthday and it is too, too cute! I also, as of two days ago, finalized the plans for her birthday celebration and I am so, so, SO excited about it!!!!

...That our little family of 4(.5) will be enjoying our second year of Christmas day as just us. Although it is certainly MUCH quieter than it's been in years past when we were previously with either my side or my hub's side of the family, it's nice to still be able to see our families in the weeks before while establishing our own traditions for our little family unit. 

And with that, I would ask about YOU, YOU, YOU--any and everything you would so kindly share--before ending our virtual date with a "Jingle All The Way!" and a "Have a Holly, Jolly Weekend."

And now...we have a train to catch!!!! See you next week!

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