Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wee One Wednesday: 20 Weeks

I'm past the "official" halfway point, seeing as how I am 20 weeks, 5 days today. Although we have done absolutely nothing to prepare for the arrival of Sweet Baby Lu just yet, besides talk to Banks and Raleigh all the time about the baby that will be joining our family, I'm hoping to dive into all things baby around February, after using January to transform Raleigh's room into a "big girl" room. Crazy! Hopefully, it will be fairly easy to pull together since we won't need much, if any, new furniture. We are still keeping it gender neutral with the exact same color scheme we've planned for all along (gray! I'm so excited about it!); so, any nursery pics I end up posting shouldn't reveal any clues about the sex (cue evil laugh). :) But I'll save that post for a later date...

Maternity Clothes: I just ordered a few new maternity tops and will likely be wearing them in heavy rotation throughout my pregnancy. I think it's adorable when women really step up their pregnancy style. I just have never been able to justify buying designer jeans that I will wear for just a few months or spending an arm and a leg on trendy tops. Nope. Not this Momma. So excuse me if you see me around these parts and have wardrobe deja vu!

Symptoms: Hmmmm...nothin' really! I love this sweet spot of pregnancy!

Movement: Yes, kicks and jabs every day still but nothing that can be felt from the outside just yet. To be honest, I like it this way. It's like our little secret, the baby's and mine. :) 

Sleep: Pretty good! Awake before 6:00 am every day, but I have good energy most days.

What I Miss: Being able to go for long runs. Being able to have my butt kicked by my Jillian Michaels DVDs. All in due time. And alcohol of course, but do I even need to say that anymore? 

Cravings: Ham and cheese roll-ups (still). NOT wings, which is my hub's favorite meal and what he wants for dinner once a week. Luckily, he's been a good sport every time I reject this dinner suggestion.

The Belly: 

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