Monday, December 16, 2013

Memories of Christmas Past

Today is my 33rd birthday. Yahoo! Yippee! And also? Yikes! I can't believe I am almost in my mid-30's...I swear I was just walking that stage at Dutch Fork High School, preparing to venture off into the world as a freshly hatched graduate. 

And now? Here I am, a 33-year-old Momma of 2.5, who will be married for 10 years this summer, and is living my previously unknown dream of staying home with my duo, soon-to-be trio. Pure craziness, I say. 


Sometimes I am asked if I am bummed that my birthday falls so close to Christmas (side note: I was actually due December 26th, the day after Christmas, and my Momma, who I love oh-so-dearly, was considering naming me....wait for it...Noel. Ummm....thanks Momma, for wising up!). And I always answer with a resounding no! December is my favorite month of the year: family is always near by and ready to celebrate the season, fires are regularly burning warmly in the comfort and coziness of the den, and people are just generally happy. So. I love having a December birthday!

Of course, much more importantly, is the celebration of Christ this month, of joy, of peace on earth, of love, of faith, of family, of friends, of giving. I love all things Christmas. All things!

So. I thought it'd be fun to spend my birthday blog post reminiscing about two of my favorite holiday go-to's: Family Christmas cards and visits with Santa.

First up, our annual family Christmas card. Although my hub and I were married in 2004, we sent out our first Christmas card in 2008. Not sure what we were doing those first four years--probably staying out late and sleeping in even later. Ha! Anywho, off we go: 

I always save one of our cards and display all of them together as part of our Christmas decor. Here is how our own family cards are displayed this year. 

2008: We were BABIES! And little did we know we'd find out we were pregnant with our first baby about a month after this card was sent out!

2009: A joyous Christmas indeed, our first as a family of three.

2010: Using photos from my little buddy's 1-year-old photo shoot a couple months earlier.

2011: Our last Christmas as a family of three, as our sweet Raleigh would join our family in January.

2012: Our first Christmas as a family of four.

2013: The front of this year's card, with Sweet Baby Lu making his/her Christmas card debut as the smallest of baby bumps.

2013: The back of this year's card.

And now, our visits with Santa, which started in 2009, for Banks' first Christmas:

2009: My hub and I laughed when we realized Banks had a firm grip on Santa's beard. He's definitely in control of the big man in red. 

2010: The Santa terror begins! But the crying toddler photos are always my favorites!

2011: The Santa fear is gone...

2012: ...Until Raleigh makes her Santa pic debut, clearly traumatized by that Jolly Old Soul.

2013: And this year's photo! I was SHOCKED Raleigh held it together! I think it was the sweet talk her Daddy had with her right before the photo...that or the fact that she is frozen in fear but smiling on the inside. :) 

I am definitely feeling very happy and blessed today, for everything in my life, of the hope and promise of what lies ahead, and of the family, fellowship, and friendship I am so lucky to be surrounded by. Thank you for being a special part of my life.

And now? Off to party! 

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