Friday, January 24, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: So Long January!

Y'all. This weekend marks the last weekend in January. What the...??? Seriously? How in the world did that happen? So. If we were meeting for coffee (via link-up with Rags to Stitches), I would make it a point to really soak in our conversation and my time with you because time is moving so quickly these days! 

I would first ask about YOU, about the big events going on in your life right now, and the small ones as well. I would ask about your new year's resolutions and tell you that I am working hard toward maintaining mine. Then, I would also share the following about me, after we had both been properly caffeinated and I had been filled in on all things you...

...That I have one very special hubby, who insisted I rest up and relax pretty much all of MLK day after he returned from being gone over the weekend, not letting me lift a finger with the kids, the laundry, the cooking, the clean-up, the errand running, the nap time, the bathing, the playtime, etc. Yep, he's a keeper alright. <3 

...That my baby sister is having a baby!!!! Hooray!!!! Yep. There's the big news I hinted at last week. And, even though I consider myself an excellent secret keeper, it has been so hard to keep my lips sealed the last couple of months because I am just so stinkin' excited for her and my brother-in-law. She is due exactly three months to the day after me, and I am pumped that there will be cousins of all ages running around together for years to come. And hopefully, there will be more and more babies added to the family for years and years to come. :) Yippee!!!!

...That getting to be the "snack person" at school for Banks is sort of like getting to be the king of the coolest castle on the planet, from his perspective. Not only does he get so excited about getting to bring in a snack of his choice for his friends, but he gets to hold the flag during the "Pledge of Allegiance," be the line leader for the day, and assist the teachers with any classroom needs. It's the little things. Don't you remember how awesome it was to be the line leader as a child? Such a thrill!

...That next week may be a loooooong one for this Momma...for reasons I'll share during our next coffee date.

...That my sweet Raleigh has done a phenomenal job with her big girl bed, totally exceeding my expectations! Every morning, as well as after her nap, when she wakes up, she will just lie quietly, patiently waiting for me to come get her out of bed, with the thought of getting out of bed herself never seeming to cross her mind. Then, she joyfully and excitedly tells me, "I slept in my big girl bed!!!"every single time. It is just the cutest thing, and we are so proud of her. 

...That we have fun plans this weekend, with my brother- and sister-in-law and three sweet nieces/nephew coming to visit! Have I mentioned before how much I love family time?! Even though it looks to be a chilly weekend, I'm thinking that five kids 4 and under will keep us sweating, laughing, and busy!

...That on Sunday, my hub will head to Chapel Hill to watch our Clemson Tigers take on the Tar Heels on the bball court. He's meeting up with the hubbies of two of my best friends to (hopefully) cheer the Tigers on to victory. Have I mentioned how much I love that the hubbies of my best friends are also close friends? It's sort of a pre-requisite before marrying into our group of college girls. :)  

...That my little buddy is all signed up for his second season of teeball, and I cannot WAIT to see our precious athlete all decked out in his uniform, fielding ever so hard-hit teeballs, and knockin' those balls clear across the in-field during his at-bats. :) 

And then, I would share that I need to end our coffee date to take my little lady to her 2-year well-check this morning. We'll have to really bundle up since the temperatures will not be rising above the freezing mark at all today. I would ask for a quick prayer that the appointment goes well, that she is deemed perfectly healthy, and that the shots don't take too much of a toll on her sweet self. Amen. And also? Happy weekend to you!


  1. Banks' outfit is SO snazzy - I need him to teach the man in my life how it's done. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hahah! Thanks, Stephanie. I get excited any day he isn't wearing his Clemson jersey. I mean, the thing is getting holes in it. Sheesh. Have a great weekend, too!

  2. Hope the well check went great! She is so precious!
    Yes, you have a great one to help out so much ;) that's a huge blessing.
    We need to get Hailee into gymnastics but with our schedules so all over the place, it's hard to make that commitment. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

    1. Thank you so much, Misty! I have quickly learned that these "extra-curriculars" are definitely a commitment, but an adorable one at that! As always, thanks for reading and linking up. :)