Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wee One Wednesday: 26 Weeks (Hello 3rd Tri!)

Oh. My. Goodness. Can someone please tell me where second trimester went? Because I swear, I just jumped straight from first tri to third. That's right. I am in my final trimester with sweet Baby Lu. Now, I know there are different ways to calculate the trimester break-down. But. I am a numbers girl. And to me, given that pregnancy is 40 weeks, each trimester is roughly 13 weeks, 2 days. Considering I am exactly 26 weeks, 5 days today...HELLO third tri! 

Size of the Baby: Baby Lu is now estimated to be around 14 inches long, with a weight of around 1 2/3 pounds, about the size of a scallion (or green onion, for the non-cooks, like me, out there). :) 

Maternity Clothes:  I'm just going to throw in the towel on regular tops. From here on out, maternity clothes it is!

Symptoms: Listen. I promise you. I am growing by the minute. I know I said it last week but it's worth repeating: I am getting really big, really fast. And trust me. I have been dedicated with my daily walking--making it a point to walk 2 to 3 miles at least 5 to 6 days a week. I am making healthy food choices...well, for the most part. A girl needs some Oreos dunked in milk every now and again. But the belly is growing ever so rapidly! I swear, the comparison  photos from my first two pregnancies with this one are crazy different, in that I am just so much bigger this time, at this stage in the game. I guess having Baby #3 = A bigger belly, earlier on. I am going to be a HOUSE by the end of this thing. But. I said it before and I'll say it again, I love me some big babies. So, I am definitely hoping for an 8- or 9-pounder. :) 

Movement: My new favorite game is watching my belly dance and move. I think it's so amazing, and so alien-esque, to be able to see that movement from the outside. 

Sleep: Same as last week: I'm up 'til 10:00 pm most nights and wake up well before 6:00 am every day. A couple days this week I woke up before 5:00 am. This is NOT okay. I mean, come on, Nature, you don't really think I need that much practice before May, right?? Let a momma sleep while she can! 

What I Miss: Not stressing over the swimsuits I'll wear this summer. Okay, well, that's pretty much a bold-faced lie. I mean, I think it's safe to say that I stress every year when it comes to swimsuit season (doesn't every woman?! If not, give me a pep talk!). So, it's not that there's a summer I don't stress about it. BUT. If I'm being totally honest, it is stressing me out more than usual that I will be squeezing into a swimsuit after having a baby just a few weeks beforehand. So. If anyone out there has recommendations for swimsuits that are flattering for an immediately post-partum bod, with a side of Idon'tgiveadamn self-confidence, please share. :) 

Cravings: After having a HUGE appetite over Week 25, my hunger has really decreased this week. I'm not sure if Baby Lu was going through a fetal growth spurt or what, but it's definitely different this week. And I've been craving healthy snacks, which is a good thing, I think. Well, except for the Valentine cupcakes I made. But they are strawberry flavored; so, that's healthy, right?! :)

The Belly: 

And check out the comparison belly shot from 13 weeks (aka the beginning of second trimester). I have grown a LOT over the last 13 weeks, no?? that I'm in my final trimester, I would LOVE to hear what you think: Boy or Girl? What do YOU think Baby Lu will be??? 


  1. I hear you on the swimsuit thing! I won't ever be super big during the summer but I was first trimester summer 2013 so I felt huge and bloated but not pregnant. and summer 2014 I'll be working on getting my body back. Ryan is in a wedding 6 weeks after Matthew's due date and as excited as I am for a little trip I'm nervous about the swimsuit thing.

    And my favorite thing is to watch my belly dance too! I don't care where I am or who I'm with if Matthew starts kicking I'm going to watch my belly, at the very least out my hands on it :) haha

    and I'm going to stick to my original guess and say Baby Boy Lu!

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    2. Oops.Let me try this again...

      Sarah, you are the cutest pregnant woman EVER; so, I'm guessing you'll bounce back to pre-baby status sooner than you think! :) If all else fails, I'm thinking more people will be focused on the beautiful baby than the momma's post-baby bod, right? That's what I'll keep telling myself. :)

      As far as your guess goes, your sweet Matthew will either have a great buddy to play with OR a little lady to chase around. Ha! :)