Friday, January 10, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: Winter Blast Edition

Brrrrr!!! I know everyone is probably tired of talking and hearing about the weather, but yikes! We Southerners are just not used to these temps in the teens. So, should we meet for Friday this chilly winter morning (via link up with Rags to Stitches), I would have a big cup of hot Dunkin Donuts coffee waiting for you as we warmed ourselves under a snuggly blanket in front of a blazing fire. 

I would then share the following about the latest happenings with me:

...That six of the eight women in my awesome couples Life Group are pregnant (well, five of us are now, as one of us gave birth to her first baby last month). We have/had babies due in December, January, February, March, May, and June! So, if you don't want to be pregnant, you may want to avoid the Fort Mill water! Anywho, we had a super fun joint shower for all six of us last night, that was so sweetly hosted by the two non-pregnant ladies in the group. It was so fun! We opted for a "Secret Stork" gift exchange, where we were each assigned a different momma-to-be to buy for. It was a really fun night filled with talk of all things girly and all things momma. Two of my favorite things!

...That we were supposed to go visit my paternal grandmother tomorrow but those plans were re-scheduled at the last minute. :( So, now, we have no plans for the weekend with the exception of volunteering in the church nursery on Sunday and then cheering on the Panthers. I'm also hoping to knock out a few DIY projects for Raleigh's big girl room. So. Hopefully, it'll be a relaxing but productive weekend. 

...That I bought the coolest piece of furniture for Raleigh's big girl room. It is this big, antique dry sink that was painted this beautiful shade of aqua and distressed. I bought it from this awesome store called Southern Marketplace. Although it was a 30-minute drive from my home, it was well worth the trip, and I will definitely be returning to pick up a few more decorative items for Raleigh's room and the nursery. I highly recommend it if you live in the area!

...That, you guys, I will be registering Banks for his last year of preschool (aka pre-k) and Raleigh for her first year of preschool over the next couple weeks. Say wha?!? Ohmygoodness. I tear up when I think about where they are already in their childhood. Sloooooooow dooooooooown Father Time. I'm not ready! 

...That I still have every intention of publishing my children's book. I have already narrowed down which photos I will use and just need to compile it before I submit it for publication. Although I would prefer to have a professional publishing company take the reigns in publication and distribution, it just doesn't seem it'll go that way. So, a self-publishing I will go! Stay tuned for updates as the project progresses.

And, having shared about my current comings and goings, I would make sure the rest of the conversation was spent listening to YOU and all you had to say before hugs were shared and weekends were started. See you again, soon!

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  1. just wanted to stop by and say hi...linking up with Alissa, too. What a beautiful group of friends you have! And how great will it be with all your littles close in age. xoxo