Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wee One Wednesday: 24 Weeks

Welp, I have officially passed V day, also known as the viability milestone. This means that, should Baby Lu opt to be born anytime starting now, as a preemie, all life-saving measures would be taken to preserve his/her life. Now, the pediatric neuropsychologist in me knows that under absolutely no circumstances do I want this baby to be born anytime soon--I've evaluated too many little ones who were faced with life-long complications as a result of extremely low birth weight secondary to such extreme prematurity. So. Hopefully, Sweet Baby Lu will remain comfy and cozy in the confines of my ever-growing belly for many more months! But. It is nice to know that we have reached such an important milestone. Way to go, Baby Lu!

Size of the Baby: Our baby is now almost a foot long, about the size of an ear of corn. I had my 24-week appointment late last week and, while I forgot to ask what the heart rate was, it sounded great on the doppler. Actually, the baby kept kicking at the doppler every time my doctor tried to take a listen. Ha! This one's gonna be feisty! Also, my belly was measuring right on track at 24 weeks, which was great to hear! At my next appointment, we'll schedule my c-section, aka Baby Lu's official birthday. Woohoo! 

Maternity Clothes: Yep! Same as last week--yes to all maternity bottoms and a mix of regular and maternity tops. 

Symptoms: Some back pain by the end of the day. I've also had some acid reflux for the last couple weeks. Don't worry, though. Apparently, I birth nearly-bald babies. So. I'm pretty sure the old wives tale will prove false about heart burn/reflux meaning hair growth. I guess we'll know in a few months!

Movement: Yes! And my hub finally felt Baby Lu move, too! :) 

Sleep: Pretty good. Clocking in about 7 hours a night, although sometimes that sleep is divided between initial sleep, a little insomnia, and then a little more sleep.

What I Miss: Honestly, I am not one of those women who feels like I am glowing and beautiful during pregnancy. I really wish I was. I know I am growing an incredible miracle here, and I do not take that for granted one bit. But. If I'm really putting it out there, I feel pretty unattractive most days. I know those thoughts will melt away when I stare into that precious face. But. I just want to be honest. This is how I feel almost every day. Totally unattractive. Bleh. 

Cravings: Salted caramel cupcakes! I had the most amaaaaazing cupcakes at the 6-way baby shower I attended last week, and I can't stop thinking about them. They were seriously the best cupcakes I've ever had. And I've had a lot of cupcakes in my lifetime. 

The Belly: 

There you have it! Another week in the books. Whew!

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