Sunday, January 19, 2014

On Forgiveness and Gratitude

I've had my feelings hurt quite a bit over the last six months.

Sometimes by family members. Sometimes by friends. Some of these people know they've hurt my feelings. Others still have no idea. Each time, it hurts. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little. But still, it hurts when it happens. 

And you know what? I'm sure there have been times I've hurt other people's feelings, too. 

Here's what I know today as a result of these experiences:
  • I am not, nor will I ever be, perfect, no matter how loudly the perfectionistic voice in my head demands that I "should" be. 
  • The people in my life whom I love so dearly are not perfect. I should not hold them to this standard. 
  • I make mistakes. All the time. Some big. Some small. But. Lots of mistakes.
  • My family and friends make mistakes, too. Some big. Some small. And that's okay.
  • If I hope to be forgiven when I've made a mistake, shouldn't I freely give my forgiveness to others when they've hurt me? Even if they aren't asking for it? 
Jesus would say yes. 

And who am I to argue with Jesus? Nobody. That's who.

So. Enter stage right, the changes and progress I hope to make this year: 
  • I hope to learn to accept that my feelings will be hurt at times. To try to understand why it hurts from my end, to look at things from others' perspectives, and readily offer forgiveness, even when it goes unnoticed.
  • I hope to recognize when I have hurt someone else's feelings, to readily offer an apology, and to try my hardest to do better next time. 
You see, I know that I am a very blessed, very lucky girl to be surrounded by such beautiful kinship and friendship. And just as my feelings get hurt sometimes, it hurts my heart to think that I may have hurt others' feelings, too. So. I will work on this this year. Readily seeking and offering forgiveness in order to strengthen and nourish the relationships I hold so close to my heart.

On the same note, it pains me to think that those around me may not know just how very appreciative I am for them and for their unique place and presence in my life story.


My primary goal, my progressive hope, my resolution for this year is to ensure the people in my life know just how very important they are to me. 

I've said it many times before, but it holds so true for me: My family and friends make my world go 'round. And I want to make sure that sentiment is known, crystal clearly, by those I love. So, I'm making an effort to reach out to my loved ones, both family and friends alike, every single week. I'm making an effort to check in, to ask, 'How are you? How are your sweet babies? How is [insert major life event] going?', to let them know that I am here and that I care and that I am grateful they are in my life. And that what's important to them is important to me. Because it is. 

And also? Here's the thing. I am busy. You are busy. We ALL are busy. None more busy than the other. Busy in different ways, sure, but busy nonetheless. Working momma or stay-at-home momma. Newly married or newly divorced. Mama-to-be or mama of three. We ALL are busy. And what I have learned, in my 33+ years of life so far, is that my relationships are what matter most to me in this world. So. They should always, always be my priority. Which means I should always, always make sure that those I love know that I love them. Whether it's a quick text, a short email, a hand-writtten note, a coffee date, a hug, a postcard, a blog comment, a picture, a Facebook message, a Momma's Night Out, or a phone call, I have vowed to make sure those around me feel loved, heard, and appreciated. 

So. Here's to 2014: For me, a year of seeking forgiveness for my transgressions and readily extending my gratitude, appreciation, and support to those I love. 

With that being said, I am so grateful and thankful for YOU. Thank you for visiting my space here. I hope that today is a good one for you and that tomorrow is even better. Just by visiting my blog, you are supporting me, and I appreciate you taking the time to read. I know you are busy. And I appreciate you. So. Thank you. 

Happy New Year! Happy New Me! And three cheers for change!


  1. love this and you, so so much ~ xoxo

  2. love this! all SO true!!! and many times forgiveness is just as freeing for the "forgiver" as it is for the "forgivee" (i'm sure those are probably biblical terms) ;-)

    1. Thanks, Amy! And I think you are totally right. And, although sometimes I think throat-punching the person would also be quite free-ing, I don't think Jesus would approve. So. I'll continue to work hard on the forgiveness piece instead. :)