Sunday, January 26, 2014

Inside a Woman's Mind

Any woman who's a, well, uh, woman, likely has 18,563 thoughts coursing through her mind at any given time. It's like having 18,563 computer browsers open at the same time, every time, all the time. To be honest? It can be exhausting.

For example. Here are just a few of the very random thoughts that may be running through my head at this very moment:
  • If someone posts a photo on Instagram and Facebook, am I supposed to "like" it in both places? Is it a slap in the face if I don't? I mean, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Why do people do that anyway? Am I supposed to do that? What to do, what to do. #firstworldproblems (NOTE: I never said these thoughts were rational ones.)
  • Speaking of Instagram, it'll be fun to share photos of Raleigh's big girl room when it's done. I wonder when the dresser for her room will come in. Then, we can move her current dresser to the nursery. I'll need to re-organize her clothes, which may be a good time to purge what no longer fits from the winter. 
  • Speaking of clothes, I need to pull out the newborn clothes from the garage and start washing them. Oooohh...I'm going to buy some Dreft for the first few loads. I know it's expensive, but I just love how it smells. I need to add that to the grocery list...
  • Speaking of groceries, Am I really in the mood for leftovers tonight? I feel like a slacker not making something fresh. But. It is a good way to save money. Yep, leftovers it is. I guess I should put the chicken that is de-thawing (right, Julie?!) back in the 'fridge. We can have it tomorrow night. Grilled chicken salad with pecans, feta, tomatoes, and strawberries. Quick, easy, and something I can actually make without screwing it up too badly. Win-win. I wonder why I didn't inherit a love of cooking. I wonder if my children will love to cook one day. 
  • Speaking of children, I wonder if Baby Lu will be born early? I mean, it is my third baby but neither of my first two showed any signs of early arrival and both were induced. Of course, I am more physically active during the day with chasing my duo around since I am a stay-at-home momma this time around so that may change things. Or maybe not? 
  • Speaking of mommas, I need to re-schedule our visit to see Granny ASAP since plans changed the first time around. What do we have on the calendar in February? Hmmm...I also need to get that trip to Georgia in our schedule... 
    • Speaking of getting things on the calendar, I really need to finalize some of these home decor decisions I have been contemplating over the last 9 months. I really want to order a rug for the dining room. Shoot--we still need a rug in our Master. Oh, and I wish I could find that rug I adore for Raleigh's room. But. I can't find it online anywhere. I wonder if has any new rugs in stock? Maybe I'll take a look online after the kids go to bed tonight. 
    • Speaking of online shopping, I need to order more mascara. Everyone raves about that Dior Iconic mascara, but I'm just not a fan after trying it out. Back to Lancome Definicils I go. I wonder if Nordstrom has free shipping so I won't have to physically go to a mall. It's getting harder to go to malls with the kids at this point in my pregnancy. And in the winter? Bleh--the lugging of coats, hats, and gloves. The stroller. The diaper bag. The sippies. The snacks. Just not worth it. Oh, and I need to remember to purchase through to get my cash back. Oh---sweet---I have a big check coming from them next month. Maybe I can use that to save some money and offset the cost of a rug for the Master.
    • Speaking of saving money, I wonder when the outlet stores will start putting out their Spring lines. Hopefully, in March? I need to schedule a full day to go stock up the kids' wardrobes, but if it's later than March, I may be too uncomfortable to haul my large, pregnant hiney all over the outlets. I wonder if they'll have cute swimsuits for me, in my immediate post-pregnant, flabby state? That may not be a pretty sight this summer. It's all for a good cause, Linds. All for a good cause.
    • Speaking of pregnancy, I love that my new OB/GYN lets me drink the glucose drink at home for my 28-week appointment. I need to make sure I leave in plenty of time to get to the appointment that day so I don't go past the one-hour testing limit. What if it rains that day? Or there's a wreck on I-77? I need to plan ahead and should probably leave earlier than I was thinking...
    • Speaking of planning ahead, I wonder how long salsa stays good after it's been open. How long have we had that salsa in the 'fridge? Salsa and chips sounds good right now. With cheese. Ooooh...a plate of nachos would be delish. Even better with a large margarita. Maybe we'll go out for Mexican this weekend? I wonder if the virgin margaritas taste as good as the "real" version. Probably not. They never do. 
    • Speaking of food, we need to get out our juicer again and start making fresh juice each morning since we fell off the wagon when the hub was traveling so much last year. I'll need to add more fruits/veggies to the grocery list. Maybe we should try actual drink recipes instead of just throwing a bunch of kale and spinach and carrots and strawberries and pineapple into the juicer. Hmm...I wonder who would be able to recommend a good website or cookbook for that. Maybe Target has a good one? 
    • Speaking of Target, I haven't been there in awhile. Go me! But also? I miss Target. I am overdue for a visit. I'm going to Target soon. I wonder if I'll be able to get out of there with just the things on my shopping list. Nope. And a loud and resounding nope at that. Maybe I'll go by myself when I have some solo Momma, down time. 
    • Speaking of down time, I really hope this isn't the last season of Parenthood. And when does Grey's come back on? I wonder if Homeland will film again next summer? Maybe they are pushing back filming? I'd love to be an extra again but will need a sitter to watch THREE kids for a day at that point. Shoot. It may be a bit harder to find a sitter I trust with three kids for an entire day. And I would have to pump on set. That wouldn't work. I may have to refrain from submitting for Season 4. Aww man. Hopefully, it'll come back for Season 5.

    See what I mean? And that is a small sampling of what goes through my mind at any given moment, on any given day. Yep, being a woman is tiring. 


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    2. Grey's comes back on February 27. I can't wait! Some of the shows are on a break because of the Olympics.

      1. Sweet! I get so antsy when they take mid-season breaks. :)

    3. This is all kinds of awesome. And so, so true.