Sunday, March 23, 2014

Banksisms and Raleigh's Ramblings, Part 13

Yep. This is the 13th Banksisms post I've written since I first started this blog BUT only the second time I've included Raleigh's Ramblings. She is a funny little bit, though, our Raleigh Jane, and I have a feeling she'll have quite a few of her own funnies up her little sleeves over the next few years. So, without further ado, a few giggle-worthy conversations from my dynamic duo:

(After my hub starts eating a [small] piece of a [large] cake...)
Banks: "Dad! Why are you wasting cake like that?" 
This 8+ months pregnant Momma was thinking the same thing.

(While shopping for new baseball cleats...)
Daddy: "Of all these cleats, which ones do you like?"
Banks: "Well, I really like the ones that fit." 
A good starting point, I suppose. 

Banks: "The rain is the cloud's peepee."
I'd hate to know what he thinks about the snow...

(After catching a glimpse of herself in a full length mirror...)
Raleigh (to herself): "Whatcha doing, Rals?
Raleigh (responding back to herself): "Oh, just looking in the mirror."
Nothing to see here, folks. Just a little one-on-one conversation with her own reflection.

Banks: "I'm scared of the big, bad wolf."
Aunt Jess: "Whenever you think of the big bad wolf, instead think of the donut I'm going to give you in the morning to help get the big bad wolf out of your head."
Banks: "I can't because every time I think about the donut, the big bad wolf eats it." that's a real pickle. 

Banks: "When Banks and Raleigh grow up, we're going to get married to each other."
Momma: "How come, buddy?"
Banks: "Because I'm in love with Raleigh. No one can take our love away from each other."
Totally cute now. Totally creepy later.

Banks: "What was that drink called we had on New Year's Eve?"
Momma: "Sparkling grape juice."
Banks: "But there were no sparkles in it!"
The man speaks the truth. 

(After pushing Raleigh while racing in the backyard...)
Momma: "Banks, do you think it's okay to push your sister?"
Banks: "No."
Momma: "Then why did you do it?
Banks: "Because I wanted to win!"
It's too bad he's not competitive. At all. Wonder where he gets that from?

I just love how much these two keep me laughing!

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