Friday, March 14, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: Baby Shower Edition

TGIF to you, friends from near and far! This week was another full but quick one, and it's hard to believe it's time for our weekly coffee date already (via link up with Rags to Stitches). Were we to meet for some hot coffee on this beautiful almost-Spring morning, I would first ask about any and everything YOU. I would hope that you would be REAL and not just share the highlight REEL. We are friends after all, right? I mean, who else can you share your REAL with? 

Anywho. After being filled in on all things you, I would share the following about yours truly:

...That this week included a morning coffee date with a church friend, a neighborhood playdate, a little errand-running for new maternity tops (this belly is a-growin') and other fun things for all THREE of my babies, a haircut for my little buddy, a manicure and hair coloring for me, a trip to North Carolina to visit with my paternal grandmother, and lots and lots and lots of outdoor fun in the beautiful sun in between all that. Whew! Maybe that's why the week went by so fast!

...That tomorrow two of our closest Fort Mill friends are so kindly and generously and sweetly throwing us a co-ed baby shower to celebrate Baby Lu, and we are so excited about it! Both my parents and my "in laws" are coming into town for the festivities as well as lots of local friends. It should be an absolute blast and the perfect excuse to get together with so many wonderful people. Can you tell I'm just a little excited?!

...That tomorrow also marks the start of teeball season! This is Banks' second year playing, and I am just as excited as I was last year to see my little buddy all decked out in his uniform, playing his heart out with his teammates. And I wish I had a picture of his oh-so-ecstatic facial expression after he got back from a special shopping trip with his daddy earlier this week with his new (blue--his favorite color!) cleats and baseball pants in hand. He immediately insisted on trying on the whole ensemble for me, and my heart just melted all over again, as it did last year when I saw him in his baseball attire. Yes, tomorrow's going to be a fun day for our little family, especially since we'll have several family members in attendance at his game to cheer him on. Go River Cats!! (P.S. I know. Weirdest mascot ever.). 

...That after several recommendations from different family members and friends, my hub and I recently started watching Dexter On Demand. So far...meh. Not so impressed. But. I've heard it picks up. So. We're sticking with it for now.

...That we had so much fun meeting our beautiful new niece last weekend. Not only was I so happy to finally get to snuggle her, at the ripe ol' age of 5 weeks old, but I cannot tell you how much Banks and Raleigh ADORED her. They both wanted to hold her all day and were just so sweet to her. It made me so excited for our Baby Lu to arrive. Between my sweet boy and my nurturing girl, this is going to be one very well cared for and much loved little sibling. 

And with that, I would offer a big ol' hug before we parted ways and got this weekend party started. Y'all come back now, ya hear?


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  2. Visiting from the coffee date link up - your family is adorable, have a wonderful time at the shower!!