Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wee One Wednesday: 32 Weeks

Thirty-two weeks. Eight months. This pregnancy is now a little over 80% complete. Ch-ch-ch-changes are coming our way soon--in less 7 weeks to be exact! Not only has the c-section day been selected but also the surgery time. Woot!!!

Size of the Baby:  Baby Lu weighs approximately 3.75 pounds and is around 16.7 inches long, about the size of a jicama according to Baby Center. Ummm...okay. Seriously. I have never seen that word in my life. In my life. But. That's the size of Baby Lu right now. Okay. Onward. 

I had an appointment late last week, and my belly measured right on track at 32 weeks, with the baby's heart rate being around 150. 

Symptoms: Definitely increased fatigue. A teeny tiny bit of swelling in my fingers. Back pain at times. Belly pain at times. Tightening of the skin on my stomach. 

Movement: Lots! And lots and lots! It's funny because the baby definitely has favorite spots on my belly to punch and kick me, including my left pelvic bone and just along the right side of my belly button.

Sleep: Although I am sleeping *pretty* well at night for now, I definitely need naps several days a week. I just get worn out by mid-day! Also, this daylight savings stuff has really thrown me off.

What I Miss: Bloody Marys. Margaritas. Not having to think about whether its worth it to tie my own shoes. 

Cravings: Olives! Brownie-filled chocolate chip cookies (Yes. They're a real thing. Yes. They're as good as they sound. Yes. I have several a day.).

The Belly:

I had to use the gym mirror this week since the mirror I usually use is still being painted by my hub...

We'll be celebrating Baby Lu's upcoming arrival at a couple's shower our sweet friends are throwing for us this weekend. We cannot wait! Photos of all the baby fun coming soon... :) 


  1. I've been wondering if my fatigue just the past couple days is due to Daylight Savings or anemia or what?! Hopefully it's DST and will go away soon!

    1. For me, it's a combination of (1) third trimester, where many of the first trimester symptoms return, (2) not getting a full, restful sleep most nights, and (3) getting up WAY too early most days this week since my brain's been slow to adjust to the time change. Here's hoping for good sleep for both of us soon!

  2. Lookin' good, mama! You're in the homestretch!!

    1. Thank you! Whew! Just 6 weeks and 2 days to go...but who's counting?! ;)