Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wee One Wenesday: 34 Weeks

I want to take a minute to thank those specific friends and family members who have supported me throughout this pregnancy, taking the time to check in to see how I'm feeling and how the baby's doing. Because here's the thing: When you have Baby #1, everyone is excited for you, and it is a big deal. When you have Baby #2, you quickly learn that the level of outright support and excitement wanes: while people are surely still thrilled for you and your new, impending addition, the pregnancy can feel isolating at times when the check-ins and support fall by the wayside. Take that and multiple it by 10 for Baby #3. That being said, I feel very lucky to have some great friends and family members in my life who have made it a point to call, text, email, post FB messages, etc., just to check in about everything. You know who you are, and I so very much appreciate your love and support throughout this pregnancy as we await Baby Lu. So. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making me and my Baby #3 feel special.

Size of the Baby: Baby Lu is now approximately 4.75 pounds and 18 inches long, about the size of a cantaloupe. 

I went for my 34-week appointment late last week and everything continued to measure right on track, with the baby's heart rate being around 145. I was given the option of coming back this week or waiting until next week, and I think this is one of the sure-tell signs this isn't my first baby: I actually opted out of having another appointment this week. If this were my first baby, I have no doubt that I would be jumping at the chance for an extra appointment. But. At this stage in the parenting game, with all looking great with Baby Lu so far, I decided to wait an extra week to hear that heartbeat again. Times, they are a'changin'. ;)

Symptoms: I go from having great days to tough days, symptom-wise. Some nausea one day, none the next. Insomnia one night, sweet slumber the next. Heartburn one day, zip the next. A huge appetite one day, a feeling of fullness the next. It's all a guessing game when I wake up each morning as to what the day will hold. 

Movement: This baby continues to be STRONG. And FEISTY. But. I spoke with my neighbor over the weekend, who welcomed her third baby, a little girl, about 9 weeks ago, and she said the same thing: That her third baby was MUCH more active in the womb and that the movements were MUCH more painful. Have I mentioned that, by the way? That the kicks and punches that accompany this pregnancy actually hurt. Like, take my breath away, make me grunt out loud, kind of hurt. I was thinking this little one was just going to have a spunky, wild little attitude when he/she was born, not of the laidback variety of which I'm hoping!, but my neighbor assured me that her little lady is, indeed, a mellow one. So, we'll see what the personality of my little one ends up being at the end of all this!

Sleep: Some days good. Some days bad. Many days requiring naps. 

What I Miss: Being comfortable when tying my shoelaces. Not having shaving my legs feel like an Olympic sport. A yummy evening cocktail. 

Cravings: Baked Cheetos. Carrots. Chocolate pudding with whipped cream. Salads with dried cranberries and nuts. Random. And not all at the same time. 

The Belly:

As of yesterday, we are exactly ONE MONTH from the c-section date!!!! OhmydearLord, I better finish the nursery, sanitize the bottles, pack my hospital bag, have the hub install the infant seat, buy batteries for the swing, stock our pantry....Ahhh!!!! Less than a month to go!!!

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