Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wee One Wednesday: 33 Weeks

Our amazing friends, Jenna and Jon, hosted a couples baby shower for us over the weekend, and we had an absolute BLAST! Both my parents and my "in laws" came up for the event, and we had about 25 awesome guests in attendance. It was so, so fun, and we loved spending the afternoon celebrating Baby Lu with so many people who are so special to us. And now, a few photos from the shower before the typical Wee One Wednesday stuff: 

Off we go, to the last baby shower we'll ever have! 

The hostess with the mostess, my amazing friend, Jenna

The beautiful food table 

Using Hershey's bars, guests had to color in their guess of whether Baby Lu will be a "He" or a "She." Final tally? 66% of the guests thought Baby Lu is a girl! Time will tell... :) 

Guests were also asked to write something funny on a diaper to keep my hub and I entertained during middle-of-the-night diaper changes :) 

 Yes, those are actual bar game machines. If you knew me in college, you can imagine how ECSTATIC I was to see "Photo Hunt" at my baby shower. Coolest baby shower game EVER!!! 

Photo huntin'

 We had GORGEOUS weather for the affair, and the most beautiful back yard backdrop!

 My stepdad, my hub, my father "in law"

My momma, myself, my mother "in law"

 Some of the guests, ready for a baby shower game... was Boys vs. Girls. Unfortunately, the boys took home the "W" this time. 

 A special moment with my momma, captured, as I open the "Bammy blanket" she handmade for her fifth grandchild

 We loved having both sets of our parents there...

...and we loved having so many of our amazing  Fort Mill friends there, too, including my girl, Volree, who is also expecting Baby #3 :) 

Size of the Baby:  Baby Lu is now a little over 4 pounds and more than 17 inches long, about the size of a pineapple (Wow! A fruit I actually recognize!). If Baby Lu ends up being  the size that Banks was at birth, he/she has about 6 more pounds to grow! And 4 more pounds to go if he/she follows in Raleigh's footsteps. My belly feels heavy just thinking about that! 

Symptoms: I really can't complain. The biggest symptom these days is that I tire very easily. I also continue to have back pain most days but am definitely trying to take it easy and allow myself lots of time to rest. Case in point: On Sunday night, I feel asleep BEFORE 8 pm. And then slept 'til 5:30 am. I was so worn out from our full weekend of teeball, baby showering, and family fun that my body and brain were D.O.N.E.

Movement: My little mover and shaker continues to be all over the place, all the time! It is very typical these days to see my stomach being abnormally shaped, with a hiney poking out here and a leg sticking out there. This is the one part of pregnancy I will miss so much, and I am trying to really focus on the movements and relish this special time I have with my sweet, last baby in my belly.

Sleep: I usually wake up at least once a night but have been able to quickly fall back asleep this week.  

What I Miss: Raw sushi. Having energy. Not having to sit so much when playing with Banks and Raleigh. Adult bevs. 

Cravings: Sweets! It's all about anything sugary this week. I may or may not have taken a fork to my baby shower cake in the middle of the night, more nights than one, this week. ;)

The Belly:

I'm headed to my 34-week appointment tomorrow, and then, I believe, I'll start having appointments every week, starting with my next appointment. Say wha?!?

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