Sunday, March 2, 2014

By The Numbers

I haven't done one of these in almost a year. So. I thought it'd be fun to share a few pertinent numbers from my life lately:

18,962...Loads of laundry I have washed, dried, folded, and put away over the last week since the stomach bug hit our house. Okay. So this number may be off just a tad. Add two more loads to that. 

365...Number of days per year Banks requests to wear his Clemson jersey 

355...Approximate number of days he wears said jersey (often, with his football helmet on, and occasionally, with a tiger mask on)

71.78...Number of dollars and cents I have received thanks to (aka FREE MONEY for doing NOTHING but clicking through their link when online shopping. I'll take it! You should, too!)

34...Number of the difference in degrees between today's high temperature (72!) and the projected high temperature four days from now (38--with a chance for snow). Come on, Spring!

22...Number of weeks before we head to the beach this summer. That seems so far away! I am in desperate need of this in my life ASAP:

18...Number of months it's been since we moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to Fort Mill, South Carolina

19...Number that Raleigh can count to all by herself

15...Number of paper cars I've drawn and colored for Banks over the last week

8...Number of antique stores I have visited over the last month or so in search of the perfect nursery decor

6...Number of days until I finally get to snuggle my newborn niece, Addison

5...Number of homemade meals that I have delivered to friends who've welcomed new babies over the last two months. Can we say Fort Mill baby boom?! 

2...Number of plan-free weekends left before my scheduled c-section with Baby Lu

1...Number of impromptu dates my hub and I enjoyed over the weekend, in the form of burgers and beer out on the town before returning home for some couch snuggling and Dexter-episode watching while the sitter put the kids to bed upstairs. Perfection.


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