Friday, March 7, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: Charleston Edition

Greetings, y'all! I'm back for more caffeine and chatter via link-up with Rags to Stitches. Were we to meet for coffee on this cooooold March morning, I would be jumping for joy because my little family and I are headed to Charleston to meet my beautiful new niece, Addison. Hooray!! I would also share the following about me as of late:

...That this proved to be a busy week! We had dinner and an evening playdate with friends on Sunday, I battled a bout with the stomach bug Monday, and my duo and I had a play date Tuesday before I headed to a dentist appointment during nap time. Wednesday, I had a coffee date with a dear friend with Raleigh in tow, I headed to the OB/GYN for an appointment Thursday, and, as I mentioned, our family is soon headed to Charleston to meet our newest addition to the family. And did I mention my hub was in Atlanta Tuesday through Thursday. Whew! Yes, a busy but very fun and full week.

...That little girls in pigtails just slay me. Especially when when those pigtails are approximately 1-inch long and curly. Oh.My.Heart.

...That we had to cancel our trip to see my paternal grandmother last weekend after Banks came suddenly down with the stomach bug (After Raleigh first got it. And then my hub. And then me.). Luckily, we'll finally be making our visit happen next week, assuming we can all stay healthy! Have I mentioned I'm ready for Spring?! I mean, I honestly feel like, if I can survive a winter like this, where I am super pregnant and simultaneously trying to find ways to find entertain an ever-energetic 4-year-old and his little 2-year-old sidekick while we all climb the walls, that I can survive just about any winter. Whew. 

...That, a couple weeks ago, Banks and Raleigh accidentally ran into each other at full speed, with Banks' teeth nailing Raleigh's forehead. Although Raleigh recovered quickly, Banks continues to have sporadic front tooth pain even a couple weeks later. Luckily, his teeth aren't loose and he is able to eat hard foods and the like without complaint. Unluckily, I noticed earlier this week his two front teeth are starting to become discolored. When he woke in the middle of the night crying from tooth pain the other night, I contacted two people I am oh-so lucky to have in my life: my brilliant baby sister, who will be graduating from dental school in two months, and one of my very best friends' hubbies, who just so happens to be an incredibly intelligent, talented, and kind pediatric dentist. I got wonderful advice and feedback from both and am hopeful the pain will completely resolve and the teeth will return to their pearly white status soon. I definitely feel blessed to have such smart and caring people in my life!

...That the final two pieces for Raleigh's big girl room arrived earlier this week, and I love how it all came together and turned out! I will be writing up a "big girl room reveal" post soon and can't wait to share her cute new quarters. :) 

...That I am in nesting over-drive! Every day, I try to tackle one big organizational task. So far, this has included cleaning out and organizing my closet, Raleigh's closet, Banks' closet, our bath towel closet, and our laundry/mudroom. Next up, the nursery closet to be followed soon after by the kitchen cabinets. I think nesting and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (my self-diagnosed condition) are a dangerous, but clean, combination for an 8-month pregnant momma. Ha!

...That we love our weekly play date group! We have discovered so many fun (and inexpensive!) places around the Charlotte area to get together, from rec centers that typically charge $1 per child to play to free parks and library story times. It is a great group of mommas and kiddos, and I love spending time with them each week. :)

And then, all that being said, I would check in with YOU. I would ask about what's new, what's old, and what's real in your life before we shared one last "cheers!" and ended our conversation in pursuit of weekend fun.

Have a great one! And see you back here soon for a big girl room reveal, a glimpse into real life, and yet another Wee One Wednesday post. Catch you on the flip!


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  2. You are one busy 8-months-pregnant momma! I'm pretty sure all I did was sit on the couch and watch Netflix when I was that pregnant, but then again I didn't have any toddlers to chase around. I'm hoping Banks' teeth repair themselves and that Spring comes soon for you guys!

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