Monday, March 31, 2014

There You Are, Old Friend!

Y'all. It was a looooong winter. The longest I can remember in my life. And I have lived in Toronto and Minneapolis. So. That's really sayin' somethin.'

This winter, decorated with cold, rainy days and ice-covered nights, lasted an eternity. And no, I don't think it's JUST because I feel like I have been pregnant for the last 62 years. It's also because I have very active, energetic children who want to explore and play and live wildly, and the walls begin to close in after months and months and MONTHS of indoor play. We are outdoor people, our little family. We thrive on sunshine and movement and activity and swing sets and sports and exercise and outdoor adventure, and all of that is much harder to come by when we are sentenced to a looooong winter indoors. 

So. Spring. Please allow me to jubilantly and warmly declare...HELLO! We so happily welcome you on this, the last day of March! We've been (impatiently) waiting for you. And we cannot wait to take in all that you have to offer. To you, Old Friend, we gladly say again...Hello!

Hello to sunglasses and swingsets...

...and to tree swinging and climbing.

Hello to jackets by morning and short-sleeves by noon.

Hello to bubble-blowing belly laughs....

...and through-the-upright afternoons.

Hello to lawn-mowing madness...

...and outdoor playdates with best buddies.

Hello to sidewalk chalk loungin'...

...and warm, after-school picnics. 

Hello to lapping up the rays that shower down upon us...

...and enjoying every sun-soaked minute of it all. 

Hello there, Spring, our dear Old Friend. We have missed you so! 

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