Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Family Fill-In: A Day in the Life (in Photos)

Obviously, every day is different. For all of us. But for today's Friday Family Fill-In, I thought I'd present one of the new more typical days for me now that I am a stay-at-home momma. 

So sit back. Relax. And enjoy this absolutely over the top picture overload as I present a day in the life of Doc Momma...and family...

6:00 am. My alarm goes off. I get up, get myself dressed and make-up upped before enjoying my breakfast in peace while the coffee brews. The house is quiet. This is the very little me time I get each day. 

Except for today. Because this little lady decided to wake up a little earlier than usual:

 Meet Raleigh. The morning-est person I know. Seriously. You can hear her smile when you walk in the room.

At 6:45 am every day, this happens: 

 Thank you, Good Nite Light, for ensuring Banks stays in his room until 6:45 each morning.

 Rise and Shine.

Morning snuggles, followed immediately by getting all people 3 and under dressed...

 And teeth brushed.

Said parties are then permitted to watch cartoons while Momma prepares breakfast and has a few sips of coffee

 Today, Banks elects to enjoy a little light magazine reading, in the hopes of expanding his Christmas wish list

 Sibling Breakfast. By this point, Daddy has started his work day, and we will not see him again until dinner time. On this particular day, he was traveling and out the door while the little ones were still in bed.

 Meanwhile, while breakfast is being eaten, Momma runs around like a mad woman, preparing lunches and packing bags for the day's activities
There's still time before we need to leave for the day's scheduled playdate, which means free time in the playroom.

Before we depart, diaper change. This is how they ALL look these days. I am typically sweaty and worn out after wrestling this baby during each and every diaper change.

Before we leave, we let Coop out on the back porch (his new second home), and we finally get out the door...

15 minutes later than I wanted us to leave :/

Side note: We have an awesome playdate group here that we've joined, with mommas and kiddos from the Charlotte/Fort Mill general areas. Our good friend, Sarah, who I've known since college, invited us to join and has introduced us to so many wonderful new friends. We typically make one of the two weekly events. Today's event was a crafting/playground playdate in Matthews, North Carolina.

We pull up to the playground, just in time for Raleigh's second nursing session of the day, which is done in the car. Meanwhile, Banks has joined his friends to start the playdate...

Which, today, consists of a little Halloween crafting before hitting the playground.

This little lady is ready to join the fun.

Kid crafts are over. Time to hit the playground!


And more fun! 

This little girl just watches the older kids in awe. After lots of play time and a picnic lunch, it's time to head home for  nap.

My son's snuggle object of choice? One of his many, many footballs.

(Second) Side note: Almost everyday, Raleigh's second nap of the day coincides with (part of) Banks' nap, during which time I tend to bury myself in housework. Not today. She slept on the way home from the playdate and awoke just as we pulled in the driveway, when it was time for Banks to nap. Although this cut into my day's "to do" list, I didn't mind a bit. Because Raleigh and I spent 2.5 solid hours, alone, relishing in some amazing Momma-daughter time.

 After our afternoon nursing session (during which I watched as the beautiful trees in the lot next door were demolished as construction began on our sweet new neighbors' home), we spent lots of time...

Tickling (and laughing)...

Reading (and laughing)...

And practicing walking (and laughing). After tackling a little laundry, singing some songs, and doing lots more laughing, big brother finally woke up...

And it was quickly decided the rest of the afternoon would be spent on the golf course.

 Banks practiced his putting...

While Raleigh sat on the green, enthralled by the fallen leaves

Following some driveway tennis practice with Momma...

 It was time for dinner. On the menu for this one? Cut up green beans and pureed squash.

For the rest of us? A rare treat. No home cookin' from Momma tonight. Take out Mexican. Delish.

 Our evenings are probably my favorite part of the day. Our whole, little family plays together in the playroom before bath time (which is now much easier, bathing two kids, in the same tub, at once).

 A few last snuggles, and one more nursing session, before it's time for our girly to hit the hay, around 8:00 pm.

 The moon has now come out in Banks' room, which lets him know bedtime is near. He gets 30 extra minutes of snuggles, playtime, and/or cartoons with Momma and Daddy before his bedtime routine begins.

And finally, at 8:30 pm, both of my babies are in bed. I hang out with my hub as long as I can keep my eyes open, and after a quick shower, promptly fall asleep, generally as soon as my head hits the pillow.

So, although every day is different, each day spent with my little ones is so special to me, and I will continue to do my very, very best to ensure we are having as much fun together as we possibly can.

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