Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Family Fill-In: Halloween Happiness

We interrupt the idea blog takeover (Read it! Get involved! Start posting to Instagram!) to present this week's Friday Family Fill-In.

Y'all? Fall has arrived. Ahhhhhh. 

I love this time of year. I was telling my hub just yesterday that I have never noticed the leave changes being so beautiful, and then I realized it's because, until a month and a half ago, we were living the metropolitan life. Now we are suburban. Which means a slower pace, a quieter life, and yes, more trees to watch transform into beautiful autumn hues. Lovin' it.

But I digress.

Given the arrival of Fall, we have been in full-on Halloween mode here in the Mill. This has translated into lots of Halloween fun for my kiddos and me lately.


Halloween-themed snacks (thank you, Pinterest): 

 A modification on the ever-popular Pinterest "candy corn" fruit cup pin: Bananas topped with melon topped with whipped cream. Delish.

 Pudding and cookie crumb monster parfait

Spider web sprinkled sugar cookies

 This year, we have gone hayride crazy! Including a hayride at our local Fall festival

 My sweet babes, pre-hayride

Hayride at the oh-so-fun Hall Family Farm during our weekly playdate

Again, pre-hayride for our new tradition: Neighborhood hayride to view all the very festive Halloween decor. Loving Raleigh's "blue steel" look as she awaits our ride.

Speaking of the neighborhood, we've been having a lot of fun around these parts. For example, I created a "Halloween Hunt" for Banks, which was an absolute blast for my competitive little guy (i.e., a scavenger hunt for various Halloween decor around the neighborhood).

We also got "Booed" and had to "Boo" back two different homes. Banks helped deliver the secret baskets o' treats to two of our unsuspecting neighbors.

Finally, the kiddos and I have been having lots of fun around the house, too, such as:

 Making cotton ball ghosts
 Making paper scrap candy corn

 Launching paper "spiders" onto our tape spider web

And making handprint spiders

With Halloween still six days away, you can be sure we'll be basking in the jack-o-lantern glow of a few more Halloween activities, including our neighborhood's huge Halloween party tomorrow, complete with a costume parade and chili competition, as well as this month's "Kids in the Kitchen" event, mini candy apple-making. Fun! And of course, we'll cap things off next Wednesday, starting with a Halloweenie party (hosted by our neighbors) and a fun-filled night of trick-treating. Whew!

Finally, here's a sneak peek of the ol' Halloween costumes for this year...

Happy Friday. Happy Weekend. Happy Halloween. 

Oh, and Happy Instagramming. :)

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