Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Family Fill-In: Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

Because of my little buddy's late September birthday, he did not meet the age cut-off for formal preschool programming this year. Instead, we are doing a two-day, half-day mother's morning out program through a local church this year and will register for official pre-school next year.

At first, I was, admittedly, a little bummed.


I am actually okay with this now, as I remind myself that this means he will turn 6 one month after starting kindergarten in a few years, making him one of the oldest in his class while also allowing me a whole extra year with him before he begins his formal education.

Regardless, it is still important to me that he be exposed to the same types of lessons and learning that other kids his age, born before the September cut-off, are experiencing in pre-school this year. 


I also recognize that I am his Momma. Not his teacher. So, while I aim to spend some time each day teaching him educational concepts, I try to make this creative and fun for all. And allow this to be only a small portion of our day.

All that to say, lately we've been having fun with numbers!:

A numbers "lunchable" (Side note: Was anyone else PUMPED when they were little and allowed to have a Lunchable for lunch? I know I was! It was like this special, rare treat. Ahhh...gotta love the small things...)
Fishing for numbers (thanks Aunt Shelbs!).Cast the rod. Identify the number you catch. Put it in the correctly colored boat. Fun!
A Doc Momma original game: Roll the (homemade) dice. Stamp the number of stamps you roll. This was a HIT!

Another original: "Who can find 3 giraffes? Ready, set, go!" My competitive child LOVED this game.

Paint the appropriate number of dots in the number. Anything involving paint always seems to be a blast.

Decorating numbers with stickers

Maybe his favorite (original) numbers game: Feel inside the Kleenex "Magical Numbers Box." Then: (1) Tell Momma how many objects are inside. (2) Try to identify the object(s) by touch. We play this every night now.

Yes, we are having some serious fun with numbers here in the Mill, although I think we're still pretty far off from tackling calculus. Maybe by the end of the year... :)

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