Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Family Fill-In: Free Fun

I take my new job as a stay-at-home momma very seriously. Not only am I now solely responsible for keeping our home clean (which I am finding surprisingly refreshing, likely in part to my OCPD tendencies of wanting things to be perfect, and thus, our home spic and span), our tummies full (still haven't fallen in love with the cooking part. Admittedly, many of our dinners consist of pre-made lasagnas, chili, chicken pot pie, etc. BUT I can say that we are all fed and full at the end of the day), our laundry folded, and our pantries stocked, but I also, most importantly, take pride in ensuring that my babies are having fun, getting lots of exercise, being exposed to different activities and events, socializing and making new friends, getting their own one-on-one time with their momma every single day (this is incredibly important to me), and learning. Everyday. Whew!

Although I contribute a lot to our family, my contributions are not of the financial kind right now. So, I work hard to find things for us to do that are fun, educational, and FREE. Outside of our afternoon romps to the park, playground, backyard, and anything else in the general vicinity of our neighborhood, two other things that we have done lately are...

(1) Toddler Time at the Fort Mill Library. This is a thematic event, one that involves singing songs, participating in storytime, doing crafts tied in to the week's theme, and free play. This has been awesome for both  my baby and toddler, and something we will certainly continue to do over time. 

Taking in the story...

Ready for the beanbag song

Apple pie arts and crafts

Free play

(2) Playdates with old and new friends, alike. This week, the original event on our pre-scheduled monthly playdate calendar (thanks to my new momma friend, Anna) was to visit a local farm, but alas, the weather had other plans; so, we ended up at Sports Connection, a local bounce house/arcade/bowling arena/gym/cafe-type place. With four mommas, five toddlers, and three babies in tow, it was nice to have so many options for the kids to do, allowing us mommas to socialize (and this momma to get to know some new friends). Although we paid a small fee to bounce to our hearts desire, the arcade was free, given that toddlers find the lights of the games, the rush of sitting on a motorcycle or car, and the joy of playing airless air hockey just as much fun without a single coin being spent. 
Old friends and new, having lots of fun!

Airless air hockey. Is there any other kind?

Who needs a license to drive?

So, free? Yes. Fun? Yes. Great opportunities to make new friends while also getting to know our new town? Yes. I'd say the last two week's family fill-ins have been a success!. On to the next (free) adventure...

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