Monday, October 29, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Now

Right now, I'm lovin'

  • The fact that cooler temps have arrived. Have I mentioned before that I love Fall? Maybe just once or twice? Well, right now, I am sitting next to my hub, snuggled up on the couch, with a fire burning in the fireplace while both of our sweet babies sleep. Ahhh....
  • The fact that my hub has no overnight travel trips this week--the first time this has happened in several months. One thing I have learned so far in my stint as a stay-at-home momma is that this job is definitely more physically demanding than my former job. I attribute this to having a little boy who is just that--ALL boy. He is happiest when he is in motion, particularly when he is playing sports, which is fun, fun, fun but also tiring, tiring, tiring. Couple that with the fact that my little lady is thisclose to walking, and can crawl at a rapid fire pace, and you get one tired, physically worn down momma, especially when going at it alone for 48 hours + most weeks. 
  • The fact that my little girl, my sweet, almost 10-month-old baby girl, said her first word today. Which I just so happened to capture on camera: "Bubble." Just hearing her precious little voice made me smile with every inch of my mind, body, and soul. And I will not admit to exactly how many times I have watched the video. Lets just say it is well over 20...
  • The fact that, after being wait-listed for pretty much all of my preschools of choice in Fort Mill for my little buddy, I finally got the phone call that there was an opening for him at one of my favorite programs (despite the fact that he was 7th on the wait list). Although this means he will be switching schools for the second time in less than two months, I think this program will be better for him in the long-run. 
  • The fact that I FINALLY get to meet my new nephew next week. It has been killing me not to get to snuggle the newest little Luton since his birth last month. I was lucky enough to meet, and snuggle, both of his sisters the days they were born, so it has been really tough not getting to meet the new little guy. Just one week to go!
  • The fact that Instagram photos are slowly starting to roll in for my idea. Hip, hip, hooray! Please, please, please, keep 'em coming! See something eye-catching? Pull over. Snap a photo. Instagram it. Become a published photographer. Done.
  • The fact that my Facebook feed is about to be bombarded with pictures of kids in costumes. I mean, really, is there anything cuter? I think not.
  • The fact that some of my close friends have become first-time mommas over the last couple of months. There is just nothing in the entire world like being a momma. Nothing. And I am so, so happy that some of the women I love most are beginning the parenting adventure. Now, they get it. :)
  • The fact that my postpartum hair loss seems to be finally coming to an end. The result? A thin, stringy, newly cow-licked, poor excuse for a head of hair. Oh. And gotta love those spiky hairs that now adorn pretty much every inch of my scalp, that no amount of hairspray, clips, or headbands will contain. Lovely.
  • The fact that my beautiful baby sister is marrying the man of her dreams next Fall. The dress has been purchased (breathtaking). The venue (almost) selected. And the fun has begun.
  • The fact that my hub and I are planning a very special family trip for 2013. One for the books. One I simply cannot wait to happen!
  • The fact that the election is almost here. And almost over. Soon, no more political ads or debates or Facebook arguments or people (everyone) thinking their candidate is the only respectable choice. I know who is getting my vote. I feel confident in my choice. Now, we wait to see who pulls out the "W." 
  • The fact that I have something special up my sleeve for my kiddos for next month. Actually, we started this evening. I am proud of what this will entail and proud to be exposing my children to it. More details coming in future posts. Obnoxious, I know. 
  • The fact that YOU are reading my blog. Seriously. I LOVE to write-I always, always have-and this is such a wonderful, creative outlet for me. So, thank you for reading and letting me share a little piece of my life with you.

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