Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On What Really Matters

Right now, one of my childhood best friends is battling for her life. Actually, she has been for several years now. She is a warrior. 

Right now, the little boy of an old friend of mine is being pumped full of medication to fight off the leukemia that was diagnosed last week. He is a fighter.

Right now, in the children's hospital where I formerly worked, there is an inpatient rehabilitation unit filled with children and adolescents, working every day to recover from the traumatic brain injuries, strokes, and other equally evil conditions that have unexpectedly wreaked havoc on their brains and bodies.

And yet.

Earlier today, I was stressing about finding the time to finalize our family Halloween costumes. Finding the time to finish the Fall decor for our front stoop. Finding the time to finally finish the cover letter for my manuscript. Finding the time to shop for the sectional for our secondary den. Finding the time to shop for, and make, food for this Saturday's tailgate. 


I mean. Really? 

It's time to get some perspective.

Do you know what matters to me most in the world?

This guy.

These kids.

I am blessed. If, for nothing else, because I have these three people in my life. 

They are my whole world. 

And they are healthy. 

And they are happy. 

And we are doing this life thing together.

THAT is what really matters.

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