Friday, November 15, 2013

Coffee Date Friday: Baby Shower Edition

Hello sweet friends. I am back for more chattin' and coffee drinkin' (via Rags to Stitches). Today, I would suggest we meet at our local Starbucks because ohmydearLawd, the other day I tried their newest seasonal drink and it was goooooood. So good, it may replace my love of pumpkin spice lattes. Let me kindly introduce you to the Chestnut Praline Latte. 

Oh, y'all. It is absolutely delish, even in the non-fat, no whipped version that I order. So. I would suggest we venture to Starbucks to enjoy a piping hot mug of this deliciousness. 

And then I would delve into all things YOU. I would ask about the latest, the greatest, even the worstest. And then, knowing what a close friend you are, I would privately share a few things going on in my world right now and ask for continued prayers. In addition, I would share the following little tidbits about my life at the moment...

...That yippee, hooray, yahoo! I am off to Charleston tomorrow to help host a baby shower for my beautiful sister-in-law, who just so happens to be expecting her first baby, along with my brother, in early 2014. They are not finding out what they're having; so, we are all anxiously awaiting the big day and big news. I will be crashing with my (newlywed!) baby sister and her husband, but not before she, my Momma, my sisters-in-law, and I hit up the outlets for some retail therapy and delicious Charleston dining after the shower. Meanwhile, my hub and kiddos will be holding down the fort back at home. Should be an eventful weekend for all!

...That I had a super fun night with some neighborhood girlfriends a couple nights ago as part of a Pampered Chef party and even learned to make a yummy, microwaveable, Italian meal. It was definitely a win-win kind of night for this Momma. 

...That we got our photos back from our Fall mini session with my beautiful friend, and amazingly talented photographer, Volree of Volree Wade Photography, and I cannot get over what an incredible job she did capturing our little family. I won't share them all now because at least one, if not a few, will be on our Christmas card this year, but here are three of my favorites...Who am I kidding?! They're all my favorite. So here are three of them. :) 

The Men
The Ladies
My handsome hub (with sweet Baby Lu barely poking through!)

...That I chopped my hair off last week! And yes, the big chop occurred at the children's salon while Banks was getting his hair cut. One day, I'll return to a real salon. I'm not sold on my new cut just yet, but my hub really likes it. And my hair is definitely a lot healthier minus those 3-4 heavier inches.

...That my little buddy had his third dentist appointment earlier this week and remains cavity free. Yahoo! I'm not gonna lie: I get so nervous the mornings of his dentist appointments and anxiously await the news from the dentist after his check-up. So far, it's been all A+. But. Me on the other hand? I have a cavity that I have to have (re)filled after a filling cracked and fell out. I'll be going next week, and I am a nervous wreck, especially since they can't use the nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) to calm my nerves since I'm pregnant. Ugh!

...That my hub traveled to Clemson last night to cheer our Tigers on to victory! It's so hard to believe that there is just one more home game of the 2013 season. I swear, we were piled high in our SUV, with 16 of our closest friends, en route to the Clemson/Georgia game just yesterday.

My hub and Fort Mill friends, ready to cheer on Clemson in Tiger Town last night

...That, in addition to doing nice things for people, the kids and I have been diving into Thanksgiving crafts this week. Fun for all!

...That one of my good friends from college had her first baby last week! A sweet, and oh-so-handsome little boy who is just precious! I know she is loving these first special days of being a Momma. I love what they named him, too! Actually, it's the name we are planning to name our little one if he/she turns out to be a boy! D'oh! So, now my hub and I are deciding whether to stick with the name, and just have two little boys in our circle of friends with that name, or choose something different. We'll see...

...That I cannot believe we got a little snow this week! The temperature dropped over 30 degrees in one afternoon. Actually, when I left for an afternoon walk, it was warm and by the time I returned, the wind was blowing like crazy and it was chilly. All in a matter of 25 minutes! Crazy. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come this winter? Especially since last year was so mild here in the South. 

And then, with our tummys full of chestnut praline goodness, I would give you a big hug before wishing you the best and making plans to do this again next week. Have a great weekend!! 


  1. After reading this sweet entry, I stopped into my local Starbucks yesterday in search of this Chesnut Praline goodness you raved about -- but they had no idea what I was talking about!

    Apparently it's only being tested in a few select markets. Lucky!

    1. Jessica, it's so funny you said that because I was in Charleston over the weekend and my sister and I stopped in Starbucks so she could try it after I raved about it. Same thing! I guess it's being tested here. Trust me--it is so good, hopefully it will be available nationwide soon!! :) :) Sorry for the unintentional tease about it.

    2. Linds - So happy there are 2 Harrison's in this world. I'm pretty confident they will be buddies!!! Can't wait to meet the new Luton addition :)