Monday, November 18, 2013

Mustaches or Bows? A Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Over the weekend, my sisters, along with my sister-in-law's best friends, hosted a gender neutral baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of her first baby. 

The shower was held at the beautiful home of one of her dear friends on Daniel Island in Charleston, South Carolina, where beautiful blue skies and 70-degree weather served as the back drop. 

Here are a few of the details from the fun, Mustaches and Bows baby shower: 

The gorgeous dining room, aka the food and fun room, where guests were invited to dine on light appetizers and desserts while taking their best guess as to the baby's gender: 

Adorable onesie, bib, and burp cloth made by, who else?, Amanda of Goat & Lulu

 I asked Amanda to include brown labs on the cute decor, in honor of the parents-to-be's dog, Emmy (and also? That bow is detachable from the onesie just in case the little one does, in fact, turn out to be a boy!)

Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages were available for party guests, with fun straws to adorn their drinks.

A few more fun party details: I created this bowtie, mustache, and hairbow garland, which hung from the mantle over the shower gifts. Easy and festive!

And my mom, aka Bammy, continued the family tradition of not only hand-knitting the baby his/her first baby blanket, but also contributed an adorable diaper cake which, along with  the blue and pink bouquets displayed throughout the party, completed the party decor:

After lots of eating, drinking, and chatting, pictures were taken of the guests showcasing their guesses as to whether Baby M will be a "he" or a "she." 

Finally, two games were played while the guest of honor opened her (many!) shower gifts. The first was "Gift Bingo," which was not only fun but also kept everyone engaged during the present-opening process. The second was directed toward the momma-to-be, who had to guess what her hubby had answered when asked, pre-shower, a series of questions having to do not only with his wife's pregnancy but also about what to expect after the baby arrived. So fun! 

It's safe to say we had a blast showering this beautiful momma-to-be. And for the record? My money's on BOY! 


  1. Wow beautiful cute fun shower!!! Y'all know how to throw a party :-). That's so fun they are waiting to find out! I couldn't with my OCD self ha!

    1. Thanks so much, Suze! We had a great time. Baby showers are definitely my favorite party to throw..well, maybe a close second to little one's birthday parties... It's crazy because we are waiting to find out what we're having, too, and the suspense is already killing me! And like you, I'm about as OCD as they come. :)

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