Sunday, November 10, 2013

Things I Do/Not Understand

Why God works the way He does sometimes

Why food that tastes so good is so bad for you

Why a man wearing a helmet who protects his country earns less than a man wearing helmet who protects a football

Why so many of our government officials on both sides are often too selfish and egotistical to worry about how the rest of the country is being affected by their stubbornness

Why some lives are cut way too short

Why all of my best friends don't live in the same place

Why we have yet to find a cure for cancer

Why I detest going to the grocery store so much

Why some people can be so close-minded

Why non-alcoholic wine does not taste even remotely like wine

Why the days can sometimes feel so long but the years so short

Why I have so much energy at 7:00 am but relatively none at 7:00 pm

Why I have been spared when others have not


Here is what I do understand.

There is nothing so valuable on this earth as love

We can do hard things

Sometimes we need others to help us do hard things

One day this will all make sense

Family and friends make the world go 'round

We are stronger than we think we are

Sometimes our faith is all we have. Some days it feels like enough. Some days it doesn't. 

Love wins

Not knowing God's plan right NOW is really, really frustrating

What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger

Sometimes a good cry and glass of wine is the best medicine

Perfect is over-rated

Life is hard. Really hard. But also good. Really good.


  1. amen.
    this makes me think of a passage in isaiah....
    "For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
    Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord.
    “For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
    So are My ways higher than your ways
    And My thoughts than your thoughts."

    and i'm reminded that if i did understand it all, then i wouldn't need Him. it doesn't make it any easier and it definitely doesn't mean i don't question, "why?" but i do know that at the end of the day, He is still good. and He is still the same God as He was yesterday. and if i choose to trust Him during the good times and believe that He is a good God, then i also choose to trust Him during the hard times and believe that HE is STILL good, even when life's circumstances are not. i think that's the hard part of faith..... CHOOSING to hold on, when everything in you wants to let go. but it's worth it. it's always, always worth it.

    1. Amy, you have no idea how much this means to me today. Thank you so very, very much for this. I will be re-reading it every day for awhile....