Monday, November 25, 2013

Counting Our Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving Week, friends! As we kick of the week of thanks, I wanted to highlight a few things I am thankful for, as well as a few things my little buddy, Banks, is thankful for. 

So. In no particular order: 

I am thankful for my faith and my growing relationship with Christ. 

I am thankful for friends, near and far, new and old. 

I am thankful to be married to a man who is the most incredible father I've ever known. I am thankful I get to spend my life watching him love our babies and be their hero. 

I am thankful for the warm home we live in and the food on our table. 

I am thankful for education, both that which I have achieved in my life as well as that which my children are receiving as they begin their life of formal learning. 

I am thankful for preschools that put on adorable Thanksgiving feasts. 

I am thankful for this blog, a place I come to document our lives, storing our memories here as a keepsake. 

I am thankful for my freedom. 

I am thankful for my babies, all 2.5 of them. :) 

I am thankful for my health as well as the health of my hub and kiddos. 

I am thankful for the women and role models in my life, especially my Momma and mother "in law."

I am thankful for Clemson University, where my hub and I met and fell in love, and continue to spend many a Fall Saturday, tailgating with friends and cheering on our Tigers. 

I am thankful for life. To be living. To be breathing. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to stay home with my children, spending my days watching them learn, love, and grow. 

I am thankful for this guy, with whom I will celebrate 10 years of marriage next summer. 

I am thankful for hot coffee on cold mornings. 

I am thankful for YOU. Thank you for coming here, time and again, reading my latest entries and supporting my blog through your kindness. 

I am thankful for family. More than anything in the world. Family. 

And now, the things my Banks listed as those that he is thankful for, in no particular order:

Our house
My toys
My teachers
Cooper (our dog)
My friends
The Panthers
The Tigers
The TV
The Lion King

I love the emphasis on people and relationships that dominates his list. I think he nailed it. 

We are thankful for each other, for family, for friends, for people. We are thankful for YOU. 

Happy Thanksgiving week!!

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