Friday, November 1, 2013

Coffee Date Friday: Wedding Weekend Edition

Hey y'all! Thank you for stopping by my lil' ol' blog for a little coffee date and conversation (link up with Rags to Stitches). Were you to join me in my neck o' the woods, you'd notice I am finishing packing up my family for our trip to Charleston this weekend because


She is marrying her high school sweetheart, the love of her life, her very best friend. And I am so, so very honored and excited to be serving as her co-matron of honor, to be standing by her side as she says I do. In addition to how very beautiful and meaningful I know the ceremony and reception will be, with family and friends coming not only from all over the country but also internationally, cuteness will abound as well, given that my little duo, along with their precious cousin, and another cutie will be serving as the ring bearers and flower girls. Oh, I cannot wait and am so happy their wedding weekend is finally here!!!

So. I would ask you to please overlook my packing lists and bags o' stuff as we snuck in a quick coffee break. I would also share with you...

...That Banks' 4th Birthday Party was featured at Catch My Party earlier this week and is being featured over at an awesome blog, The Life and Times, today. To me, although party planning can be stressful, it really is fun to see all the details come together and to see the excitement that quickly spreads across sweet, happy faces as they take in all the party details.

...That, despite my love of party planning, I am thinking of doing something very small for my Raleigh's second birthday. Given that she's not in school yet, and that most of our playdates revolve around Banks' friends, we'll probably do something more low-key and family-focused this year. I have one idea up my sleeve, but we shall see. Luckily, I still have a few months to decide. 

...That I cannot BELIEVE it is November. Say what?!? How did that happen? I think because I've felt so tired and nauseous the last few months, and we've been so busy on top of that, time has (luckily!) passed by even more quickly. It's officially time to get in the Holiday spirit, and I cannot wait. This is definitely my favorite time of year. I'm planning to continue our little family's motto for November that we initiated last year, "It's nice to do nice things for people." It's a way to teach my children the importance of kindness, show our gratitude for all our blessings, and to give back to others (See last year's posts here, here, and here). Stay tuned...

...That we had three of our favorite Fort Mill couples, and their kiddos, over for a Low Country Boil earlier this week. We had a great time sitting fireside, catching up, and letting the kids play, play, play. The following night, we had my aunt and uncle, who live in the neighborhood, over for some delicious white chicken chili (I have made it twice in as many weeks. It is SO good. Thank you, Pinterest). If I haven't said it a million times before, family and friends make my world go 'round. 

...That we had a blast and scored lots of delicious Halloween candy while trick-or-treating last night. And now, today, November 1st, is one of the greatest days of the year to be a parent: It's the day you get to scour your children's Halloween loot for your favorite treats. No joke: earlier this week, I borrowed stole some candy out of Banks' treat bag from his school party and had to quickly stuff the (empty) wrappers between the couch cushions when he unexpectedly walked in the room mid-candy-feast. Ha!

After being filled in on all things YOU, I would have to cut our coffee date short to try on my bridesmaid dress one more time (please, little baby bump, fit in the dress!), finalize our packing, and head out to pick up a certain little ring bearer's tux. Swoon!! 

Have a wonderful weekend. And CONGRATULATIONS to a beautiful, madly-in-love couple, Whitney and Ronald. Here's to you...

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