Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wee One Wednesday: 16 Weeks

Because I will be having a repeat c-section, and thus will have Baby Lu around 39 weeks, I am now around 42% D.U.N. with this pregnancy. Crazy! 

Size of Baby: Sweet Baby Lu is now 4.5 inches long, the size of an avocado. Mmmm...guacamole....And at my appointment yesterday, the littlest Lu one had a heart rate of 160, which my duo got to hear since they accompanied me to the appointment. :) 

Maternity Clothes: Yes to pants. No to tops. I live in my maternity leggings most days. :)

Symptoms: Some back pain after long days on my feet. Also, have I mentioned I have become much more....ahem...enhanced in the chest region over the last month or so. A definite "perk" (hahaha! I crack myself up.). Oh, and the crazy vivid dreams!! I've had them every night the last week or so. And I mean cuh-ra-zy vivid. Moreso than I ever had with Banks or Raleigh. Just wacko. 

Gender: Maybe boy? Maybe girl? Clearly, not the same mother's intuition I had with my first two. Okay, so honestly? I still really think it's a girl but am worried I'll be wrong, so I throw out a boy guess every now and then. But seriously. It's a girl. Isn't it??

Movement: Maybe??? Or maybe just wishful thinking. :) 

Sleep: Good! Still early to bed, early to rise, but I am a morning person; so, I'll take it!

What I Miss: The AAA's: Alcohol. Abs. Acne-free skin (but the latter is MUCH improved thanks to a new regimen I just started a la Rodan + Fields. MUCH improved!!!).

Cravings: Bacon cheeseburgers. I've had three within the last week! Vegetables. Edamame. 

The Belly:

And second trimester continues...


  1. Such a sweet belly! I need to get some of these maternity leggings that you speak of! :)

    1. Brooke, they are SO comfortable, and I think they look really cute with a maternity top or loose sweater and boots. I also work out in them, sleep in them, etc. :) Old Navy has several different color options that are holding up well so far!